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Your Libra Child

by on Thursday, September 29th, 2016

A child’s natal chart is read much the same as an adult’s chart. While an adult’s chart is generally interpreted with insight and instructions directly for use in current day-to-day life, a child’s chart can be interpreted and used to help the parents in directing their child’s future and healthy growth. This can be extremely beneficial for you, especially if you have a difficult child, to see into the unconscious drives and many facets of your child’s personality. The goal is to make your parenting years more productive. Where there are some charts more challenging than others, it is important to remember that there are no ‘bad’ charts; each one truly has a range of potential, positive and difficult as does your own.

(If this description does not accurately describe your Libra child, there may be strong modifiers coming from other planets or sensitive points in the Natal chart which can overshadow Libra characteristics.)

LIBRA (September 22 – October 21)

Libra Dancer

LIBRA Sun babies are an immediate joy. Sociable from the start, friendly and open, this infant will win everyone with smiles and gurgles. Even at the pre-verbal stage, little Libra is a social animal and loves to please. They posses a warm and communicative gaze that delights and charms. Interaction with family and others is usually easy and pleasant, for this child has an uncanny ability to adapt to almost any situation or environment.

Libra is a cardinal sign and is all about movement and action. They are usually the ones who tend to walk and talk early. They can be loud and boisterous and little Libra girls can often play the tomboy role. They are very drawn to rigorousbody movement, so early dancing, gymnastics and even yoga would be helpful. I often find older Libras as fitness Gurus, compulsive dancers and even ballerinas.

Ruled by Venus, they are also naturally artistic. Early training in the arts could be helpful for them down the road as they will always need a creative outlet. Whenever you provide training and fun which enhances their natural creative abilities, you are a step ahead of their fast paced style.

And speaking of style, Libras love artsy and funky clothes. They have a natural affinity for uniquely putting outfits together. Mom may need to step back and not worry about what others think. Give them plenty of room to be.

Beginning school is usually not a problem, for Libra Sun loves people and wants to be social, and interact with others. Young Libra manages easily in public and quickly learns the necessary social skills. In fact, so poised are Librans that they may prefer the company of older people to peers.

Libra is an air sign which needs to circulate just like the air that drives them. They detest being alone and seek partnership always. Even if it is just a trip to the store or a walk around the block, they will seek someone to go along. Partnership is a huge issue for all with strong Libra energy. They have a constant urge to merge! They are not good at being alone and may have a steady stream of best friends.

Warm and affectionate, Libra wants to be part of the “gang” and hates feeling left out. They can often loose track of where they end and others begin. So teaching appropriate boundaries is important. Depriving Libra of social activities is an effective form of punishment but should not be overdone, for when society-starved, Libra’s other side becomes willful and dominating.

Libra hates argument and strife of all kinds and will work hard to be the peacemaker but decision making is difficult, because Libra sees both sides, with utter clarity, and therefore tends to go back and forth constantly. They are the negotiators and diplomats of the Zodiac. Always harmonizing they are driven to make peace even if they sacrifice themselves in the process.

Libras make the best friends, but it is very difficult to be one. The challenge for Libra is balance. Seeing both sides of an issue is not always fun or productive. With such a strong desire to harmonize, they are always engaged in a mental dance when making decisions, similar to watching a tennis match. Don’t ever expect snap decisions. Their brain works like this: Is it fair? Is it right? Will they like me? Will I please everyone? Will it turn out for the best? Does it make me look the best… and on and on till you may want to pull your hair and then just make the decisions for them!

In general, Libras are delightful. Lovers of beautiful objects, they are most happy when on the move, surrounded by pretty things and lots of trinkets, sparkly clothes and many friends to fill their strong needs for excitement and partnership.

Saturn in Sagittarius – The Synergy of Opposites

by on Saturday, January 10th, 2015

On December 23, 2014, Saturn left the sign of Scorpio and moved into Sagittarius, where it remains, except for a brief retrograde back into Scorpio from mid June to mid September, until December 19, 2017. Every 28-30 years, Saturn does its work in each sign, for a 2-3 year period of time, and through pain and challenge pushes us to do the necessary work to gain the reward.

Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter, and represents an opposite energy from the structured self discipline of Saturn. Sagittarius is concerned with learning, higher education, philosophy, legal issues, writing, publishing and religion. We can expect much to be written and structured into practical and usable forms and information to help improve how we think about and how we utilize our planet and her resources. We may see new gurus raise to the top and be seen for their brilliance in new thought and action. The world may come to realize that what is needed now is more caution as to how we use what we have and how to avoid excess and disposability.

We may continue to see righteous indignation over the corruption associated with higher education with Saturn in Sagittarius, and see pressure brought to bear in congress to restructure the cost of education and lower interest rates on student loans, making it easier for our youth to attend college.

With Saturn in Sagittarius, there may also be major exposure of corruption in religious organizations. With Pope Francis taking the helm, in his Sagittarius way (birth date 12/17/1936), he is continually pushing the world to be in greater alignment with the teachings of Christ rather than the greedy money changers in the temple. He is re-structuring many outmoded practices within the church causing much surprise around the world. We can also expect him to take a no nonsense approach to corruption within the Vatican. Other religions as well will be held to this cosmic scrutiny and be exposed where their shadows needs to be seen.

We will see a continued volatility in governments across the globe in part due to the Uranus/Pluto square. However, there can be great good accomplished from those with Sagittarius vision who can make themselves heard, tempering and structuring their ideas and message with wisdom for the good of all.

Whatever projects you may have started, look at the bigger picture (Sagittarius) and see how you might complete your grand projects now with more focus on structuring your ideas to be practical and usable (Saturn). The two opposing energies combined can create substantive works facilitating a measured approach to change.

If you are one of the mutable signs during Saturn in Sagittarius — Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces or Virgo — you can expect some major restructuring too as this Saturn transit will have the most profound impact on you. But remember that what Saturn forces us to change, restructure responsibly, and commit to, is  never arbitrary and is leading us to a better place and situation for the next many years of our lives. Greet the challenges with gratitude and find and savor the gifts that will inevitably be presented to you.

Peace – The Forgotten Secret

by on Friday, August 23rd, 2013

Since the beginning of time man has sought power and dominion over others.  Greed, hatred and vengeance are not new. From Biblical stories to mythology, we have a basis of understanding of the good and the repugnant aspects of the human condition and psyche.   The secrets to achieving peace in the world were given long ago, but humanity and its rulers have lost their way.

Astrology is based on thousands of years of empirical data and through that recorded knowledge we are given the knowledge of the effects the astrological signs and planets have on the personality and the understanding of the actions one may be inclined to take. We can see how there are those who are more predisposed to creating power through evil and covert works and then those who are more inclined to create love and peace, and every emotional and mental place in between. Even though we all see the world through a different natal lens, and we bring different Karma to the table, is it possible to put destructive unconscious drives aside and follow our God centered soul and eventually shift the world to a peace centered reality? I believe through reaching a critical mass, (approximately 15% of the world population. A term which indicates that when critical mass is reached, then all the world will follow a train of thinking or action) of those actively seeking a peaceful world, we can make sweeping changes for good on Earth, utilizing the ancient tools we have been given.

A New Generation


The new maturing generation of young people are more sensitive and peace centered than any generation before. They seem to more instinctively apply the formula while typically unaware of its application.  By way of example, there is a wonderful and soul filling video from The X Factor.  View here.  As you watch, see if you can guess what the formula may be.  Can you see how powerful the words of peace can be, particularly on the young, but in this case on all who view? This is a powerful example of the life force that will eventually bring peace to the world. What is needed are large groups willing to take a stand for what is right, of conscious believers in peace, dreamers who believe that the miracles we seek can be attained.

The Earth has been given a world altering and simple formula through numerous powerful teachings over eons of time.  It can be easily applied to every area of our social lives and relationships.  This formula is actually considered a secret because it has been disregarded and forgotten over time.  It is not part of our core teachings anymore. If governments applied the formula and corporations and politicians, and fathers and mothers and yes, if even organized religions truly applied it, we would indeed have peace. There would be no wars, no corporate greed, no Monsanto type conglomerates trying to take over at the expense of humanity and the planet.  Every corruption and evil one could conjure, would not exist. No Hitlers, no nuclear bombs, no wars for profit at the expense of all life.

Enlightened Practice

The world is at a critical point and the decisions we make now, utilizing the wisdom at our command, can mean the difference between evolving and advancing to the next level of our achievement or the destruction of all we hold dear.  This wisdom was once understood by only the highest initiates.  Our history is full of stories and legends of those Masters who understood its power and evolved to the point of spiritual practice which achieved extraordinary results, Jesus being the chief among them.  It is now time for all of us to master the formula and create a world based on the laws of compassion and peace.  We need enlightened individuals to come together and manifest the loving world of our dreams and to consciously evolve.

The Power of The Internet for Good

Find Kony and bring him to justice

We have the added ability of the internet to make sweeping global changes.  We saw this happen with the ground breaking social media campaign to try and capture the war lord, Joseph Kony, a year or so ago.  He is the leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), guerrilla group which operates in remote regions of Uganda and is guilty of stealing children and forcing them, through torture and mutilation, to be a part of his killing army.  This brilliant internet plan was designed to mobilize millions of individuals and youth from all over the world to make Kony famous and thereby visible enough to ferret him out of his hiding places and bring him to justice. Read about it here. All of these peace centered types of grassroots campaigns have within them the backbone of the formula. Now more than ever, we need bright savvy minds to create strategic social media campaigns for peace.   Then we, through our involvement, can become part of the miracles in action.

The Golden Rule

The secret formula, is so simple, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, The Golden Rule, is truly golden and the key to peace.  Its fruits are peace, trust,

The Key to Peace

and prosperity.  Just think, you wouldn’t need to worry about another’s motives, because his standard would be based on if he would like it done to him.  We could trust everyone.  Financial prosperity would be based on helping each other! What a concept.  To begin, each of us must think first about how to apply it within our families, neighborhoods, community and work place. It must be practiced until it becomes an unconscious application and the standard in the mental process which creates all our actions. And when it becomes an unconscious process, you will automatically do the right thing. May it become so ingrained in each individual heart, that we would never think of using any other standard for our actions.

Our planet has arrived on the brink of collapse and destruction through our collective decisions and actions.  It can be turned around through conscious application of this eternal wisdom.  So be it.

Water Energy Dominates 2013

by on Thursday, January 10th, 2013

The Water signs, Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio will dominate the world stage in 2013, as several of the planets will be traveling through the Zodiac  in water signs.  The line up is as follows:

Neptune in Pisces until 2026
Saturn in Scorpio until 2015
Jupiter in Cancer, the second half of the year
Mercury retrogrades in Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio respectively
Moon’s North Node in Scorpio all year

Water is the fundamental and most basic component of all life on Planet Earth, comprising approximately 70% of the surface of the Earth and also the human body. It represents the feminine or yin aspects of human nature and the world; intuition, inspiration, wisdom, women and healing, the inner journey of life.  Water also controls our emotional bodies and our creative ability.

Enter the Goddess

With so much astrological emphasis in water, we can expect a global shift toward feminine power. The

The Goddess Principle

Goddess energy will become much more visible and viable bringing the pendulum swing back to a more centered approach, moving away from male or masculine dominance.  This could open the way for more women to rise to positions of power.  If you are feeling a strong desire to have your voice heard as a woman, now could well be the time to put your plans into action.

With Jupiter entering the sign of Cancer in June, all of the feminine energies associated with Cancer will be enhanced and magnified.  They include home (the real estate market), family, mothering, sensitivity to spirit, intuition, clairvoyance, clairaudience and psychic ability.  Water seems to thin the veil.

Emotional Chaos

You may find yourself feeling everything more acutely. We will most likely see more intense dramatic emotional displays in the news,  and perhaps feel more emotionally connected to everything in our world and what we see happening before us.

With all of the Mercury retrogrades occurring in water signs, tripling the time Mercury spends in water, we may all find that our mental energies and communications are based more on emotion rather than on reason or objectivity. I tell you these things so you can be aware of where your emotions may be coming from.  This does not mean that you should react to them and be swept away by the emotional tide.  Your ability to control how you respond to your emotions is your greatest place of power and peace.

Since water also contains the elements of creativity, governing the Arts and what we see in movies, television, books and art,  with Neptune in Pisces, supported by other planetary action in water, we should be treated to not only creative media, but inspirational and more spiritual entertainment as well.

Disruptive Forces


On the other side of Neptune in Pisces, and mixing in the energies of Saturn in Scorpio, we will see more economic contraction and more cutbacks on spending, and a continuing of behind-the-scenes governmental and corporate power struggles, with an emphasis on healthcare, pharmaceutical companies and their drug related problems, issues with liquid resources, raising sea levels and flooding, and conflict over price hikes in oil, gas and water.  We will also continue to experience religious polarization, issues surrounding mental health disorders, and an increase in denial, personally and institutionally.   When adding Scorpio to any mix,  exposing the corrupt underbelly and crisis will be the result.

The Moon’s nodes are not planets yet represent important crossing points for the Sun and Moon. The North Node is traditionally linked to the future. With the North Node in deep and disruptive Scorpio, reaching an inevitable  intense and powerful crisis point is foreseeable.  Change is inevitable and these changes are meant to be for our greatest good and require our active participation.

Uranus square Pluto continues to dominate world energies through rebellion and political crisis.  These disruptive and often unpredictable energies will continue through 2015.  With an over emphasis on water in 2013, emotions will continue to rise and overflow, and the dam could well break causing violent behavior and uprisings. Since ancient times, water has been used ritualistically to wash away the sins of the past, hopefully this will be done in a kind and gentle way.

A Rare Grand Sextile

There is however, a beautiful and rare alignment to look forward to,

Grand Sextile

occurring in late July, called a Grand Sextile. Seven out of ten planets will be involved in this positive configuration. It is comprised of  six sextiles, two Grand Trines,  and three oppositions. This will create a tremendous force for healing energy on the planet as all the players are in earth or water signs, which are feminine, a sign that the feminine forces are blessing us with love and grace, helping to offset other negative aspects.

Even though we have passed the critical and much maligned 2012 marker, in 2013 we will continue to see and feel the uncomfortable energies of dramatic change.  When dealing with emotional water, we can expect big waves and choppy seas, and even tsunamis.  Let’s all put our creative and spiritual sides forward and be steady and undeterred by the shifting tides before us and move forward creating the new, more peaceful world, we want to experience.   Follow your heightened inspiration and creative impressions and put your plans into action and 2013 can be a very powerful and successful year.

Astrological Predictions for the 2012 Election

by on Friday, September 7th, 2012

The coming election on November 6th will likley be characterized by upsets, voting irregularities, delays, surprises and possible civil disobedience.  So, get ready for a chaotic and bumpy ride. There are several astrological aspects and influences that will prove to significantly impact this election.  It should be a great lesson in astrology, witnessing how it unfolds.

Time to vote again

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury stations retrograde on November 6, at 6:04 pm ET. Mercury Retrogrades are historically associated with delays, miscommunication, and uncertainty with computer mixups and breakdowns. But when it exactly coincides with a major election the implications can be much more important and far reaching than our quarterly retrograde experiences.

Past history shows that elections held during a Mercury retrograde are fraught with problems. The last time this occurred in this country was the Al Gore/George Bush election in November 2000 that ended up with an election night too close to call, voter fraud, and a supreme court decision favoring Bush 36 days after the election. What is most interesting about the Mercury retrograde during that election is that Mercury actually stationed direct on Election Day, ending around 9:30 p.m. ET, rather than stationing retrograde.

Most Astrologers concur that prior to and after the retrograde, Mercury appears to be moving too slowly to be comfortable. These time periods have been termed The Storm Phase, which extends the disruptive time period from typically the week prior to the retrograde and the week after.

Bush / Gore Election 2000

In this upcoming election, the retrograde will begin on Election Day. It does seem noteworthy too that the election will synchronize with what is usually regarded as a more problematic part of the retrograde period. Will it be possible that the 2012 election will be characterized by even more adverse circumstances than in 2000?

Prior to 2000, there were very few elections which occurred during a Mercury retrograde. In this century, the most notorious was in 1960, at the time of the Nixon/Kennedy election.  On November 8, 1960, Mercury was right in the middle of its retrograde period in Scorpio. This was the closest election in the 20th century according to popular vote, with Kennedy winning by only 1 percent. The difficulties on Election night itself were strikingly similar to 2000. Kennedy was projected to have won early on, but then later it became too close to call. Nixon delayed his official concession until noon the following day. Widespread issues of voter fraud were reported, which may have decided the outcome.

The 1960 Election

The unfortunate similarities of the 1960 and 2000 retrograde elections include, the closeness of  the vote, a suspenseful election night where the results were delayed, and that both elections had issues with voting irregularities,  voter fraud, and misplaced ballots.

Uranus square Pluto

Today, the world is reeling to the upheaval created by Uranus Square Pluto. We see the nightly news reports of unrest globally, and the current polarizing energies in our country are reaching a feverish pitch. The effects of this astrological combination will clear away the old and worn out structures people and governments have created over time.  Pluto is the principle of death and rebirth which is currently combined with the Uranian principle of sudden change. This combination forces change. This transit represents a time when unrest and frustration with the status quo has reached a critical point and must be released.  In 1960, the world was also feeling the chaotic forces of Uranus/Pluto in the form of a conjunction. These energies perpetuated the revolutionary tendencies that we saw play out widely through the 60’s.

Election day chart compared to the US Sibley chart

In this comparison, we see the transiting Moon in Libra will be transiting the Midheaven of the US Sibley chart and they are both squared by the transiting Sun. The Sun will be sitting right on the US Jupiter which indicates large voter turnout. Transiting Uranus is inconjunct the US progressed Sun which suggests an upset.

Even more telling is transiting Pluto tightly quincunx Uranus, in the US chart, which energies suggest radical change and an impatience (Uranus) that will necessitate total upheaval (Pluto). The polls may say one thing up until the day of the election, and there could be a reversal on election day.

Will the change be another resounding second term of the change Obama/Biden represent, moving away from the old traditional republican ways and structure? Or will the change or upset be moving back to the pro corporate patterns of the Bush administration and the old republican guard?  Many astrologers have predicted that Obama will win a second term.  I personally believe that the jury is still out and given the chaotic and uncertain energies, and the huge amount of money being spent to defeat Obama from corporate interests, nothing should be taken for granted. However, we all should look at the contrast in the philosophies of the candidates, check the facts, think for ourselves,  feel what better resonates with our own heart, and get out and vote.

Astrology and The Making of America

by on Saturday, March 27th, 2010

I write this article to hopefully help a large cross section of individuals understand the true nature of Astrology, how it was used to assist in the making of the America we know today, and how we can use it now to see patterns and cycles. Those of us who love Astrology and know how valuable it can be, struggle to explain the value we have found in it and the stability it represents. This is an attempt to bridge the credibility gap.

The science of Astrology is not new. It is thousands of years old. And yes, I refer to it as a science in that it is largely made up of Astronomy, math and thousands of years of empirical data. This has nothing to do with psychic phenomenon and anything woo woo. There are Astrologers who claim to be psychic and some of them may be, but I make no such claim. Psychic ability is not necessary to practice Astrology, only an understanding of the symbology, mathematics and the concepts behind it.

Gimmicks and fads and those who sensationalize for publicity, disappear quickly, those people and things that have basis in truth, stand the test of time. Astrology has certainly passed the scrutiny of time. Those meaningless horoscopes next to the crossword puzzle in most newspapers, are just that, meaningless. Those who try to practice Astrology using only the Sun Sign are like an engineer trying to do rocket science using only addition. Sun Sign Astrology is excessively broad and may only marginally represent what might be pertinent to a reader. It has successfully given Astrology a less than helpful reputation.

Benjamin Franklin

Throughout my formal astrological schooling (8.5 yrs) and my counseling career, I have seen how helpful and pertinent the information a Natal profile can provide. As a result, I have sought out information that might help sceptics see its viability. A counseling session by a qualified astrologer is quite often life changing, as I have seen over and over again in my practice. Knowing and consulting a good astrologer can be an invaluable tool.

For eons of time, astrologers have been used to assist in critically important decisions. Science has proven that not only is our planet affected by the phases of the Sun and the Moon, the inhabitants are as well. So why is it so unrealistic to expect that all the planets could affect us? If God did indeed create the Heavens and the Earth, wouldn’t it stand to reason that the Earth would also be affected by the energetic pull within our solar system? Science is adding new data daily concerning this possibility. What we can demonstrate is synchronicity, repetitive and observable correspondences between cycles of celestial bodies and human affairs or events on earth. Most astrologers are technicians, not scientists. They observe that a technique works and they learn to use it. Electricians don’t know why electricity works either, but they do know how to use it.

Benjamin Franklin, Astrology and Masonry

Over the years, many politicians and world leaders have relied on Astrology to help guide them. But, because at certain periods of time throughout history, Astrology has been viewed unfavorably, many have kept it a secret from their public.

Americans might be surprised to find that many researchers think our founding fathers had strong beliefs in Astrology. Books such as Turning the Solomon Key: George Washington, the Bright Morning Star, and the Secrets of Masonic Astrology by Robert Lomas, link early American leaders who were Freemasons, such as George Washington and Benjamin Franklin, to Astrology.

Benjamin Franklin was considered the most respected and famous person in Colonial America. He was a member of the Continental Congress that declared independence from Great Britain and a member of the committee that drafted the Declaration of Independence. But few Americans realize that Franklin was the founder of the Masonic Lodge in the colonies and he used the Masonic organization to build support for the American Revolution. It has also been reported that George Washington was a Mason and 35 of his generals were also members of the Masons. Franklin and most other Colonial Masons believed in God and Astrology. But, Ben Franklin was Colonial America’s greatest astrologer. Masonic symbology is also replete with astrological symbols and it is believed that this secret society has strong astrological underpinnings at its core.

One of the few ‘civilian’ books to mention Franklin and Astrology on the same page is an old one, Franklin, The Apostle of Modern Times, by Bernard Fay (Little Brown, 1929) He writes: “Astrology was very much in vogue…It occupied an important place in business, agriculture and private life….Everybody turned to the astrologers, and the publishers of almanacs had an immense public. These little books were the faithful mirrors of the preoccupations of the times.” Benjamin Franklin published an astrological ephemeris in his Poor Richard’s Almanac.

Signing the Declaration of Independence

Our countries Astrological and Masonic roots are fascinating and not something you read in school books. But when you dig, there is much to be found. With Franklin, at least fifty out of the fifty-six signers of the Declaration of Independence, including John Hancock and Thomas Jefferson, were Freemasons. Franklin and Jefferson had both been initiated into a French Masonic lodge, and Washington was initiated into the Masonic Lodge of Fredericksburg, VA. At the time of America’s founding, the Masonic lodges were very different from the social clubs they’ve become today. They had a strong metaphysical orientation, which developed common values and purposes among members, as well as deep bonds of loyalty. The traditional secrecy preserved in Masonic lodges allowed members to communicate and organize the American Revolution with little fear of exposure. Several significant non-American contributors to the revolution were also Masons, such as the Marquis de Lafayette of France.

The Boston Tea Party was the work of the Masons of the St. Andrews Lodge while taking a “recess.” Paul Revere began his famous ride after he left an adjourned meeting of a Masonic lodge. Through the lodges of the Freemasons, the ideas of such Age of Enlightenment thinkers as John Locke, David Hume, Francois Marie Arouet (Voltaire), and Jean Jacques Rousseau became widely disseminated in the new colonies. The structure of the U.S. Constitution was based on Masonic ideals, and the federalism created by the Constitution is identical to the federalism of the Grand Lodge system of Masonic government created in 1723, as well as to that of the Iroquois Confederacy.

It is interesting to note here that all of these freedom changing struggles coincided with the approximate 20 year transit of Pluto through the sign of Capricorn. Currently, we are experiencing the same type of polarization which took place during the American Revolution. Pluto is, once again, transiting through the sign of Capricorn. Due to Pluto’s slow rotation around the Sun, this only occurs about every 250 years. History shows the issues are fundamentally the same; the stability of government, how resources and money are used, and political polarization with intense fear and mob mentality.

Astrological Images in Washington, D.C.

There are several astrological images located in government buildings around Washington, D.C. For example, the Ariel Rios Federal Building, part of the Federal Triangle government complex, has a ceiling mural that contains images of the four seasons and the twelve signs of the zodiac. David Ovason’s book, The Secret Architecture of Our Nation’s Capital points out that the National Academy of Sciences has a statue of Einstein gazing at a horoscope. Also, emblazoned on the south entrance hall door of the Academy are twelve zodiac glyphs. All in all, Ovason found 23 zodiac symbols in government buildings around Washington, D.C.   Ovason also goes on to show that the Federal Triangle itself (The Washington Monument, White House, and Capital Building) is aligned with the three main stars of the constellation of Virgo.

Just as ancient sites such as Stonehenge are aligned to the positions of the Sun and Moon, the same is true of the Washington Monument. For example, a line of sight for the winter solstice can be established from the top of the monument to the southeast, down Virginia Avenue.

George Washington Cornerstone Ceremony

The cornerstone of the U.S. Capitol Building was laid in a Masonic ceremony, with George Washington presiding as Grand Master. Masonic architects also laid out the city of Washington, D.C., in a metaphysical design to make the best use of the earth energies — called “ley lines,” or for creating healing and harmony. The original design of Pierre-Charles L’Enfant was later modified by Washington and Jefferson to produce the specifically octagonal patterns incorporating the particular cross used by the Masonic Templars.

The most intriguing hint about the secret, metaphysical dimensions of the founding of America is not actually hidden at all — in fact it can be seen in millions of places today — on every dollar bill, which displays the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States.

Here is the All-Seeing-Eye of God or Spirit, placed above a pyramid — a symbol representing spiritual vision that is found in many secret societies, including the Rosicrucians and the Freemasons.  The All-Seeing-Eye seems to be placed as a capstone at the top of the pyramid. If you stand at the base of the pyramid, there are many different viewpoints, depending on which of the four sides you are looking out from. But at the top, all the viewpoints unite, because there we see with the Eye of Spirit. What an important message for us today! The various religious and political groups stand at the base of each side of the pyramid, fighting for their limited view, what they need is to climb higher to see the more inclusive, higher vision from the top — the radiant Eye of Spirit.

Dollar Bill - All-Seeing-Eye

For more insightful information on this topic, the following book is helpful. The Deeper, Secret Roots of America’s Founding, © 1994 Corinne McLaughlin and Gordon Davidson.

Astrology has long been on the mind of the world’s great leaders. In the 1980s, Americans found that Astrology was helping plan the movements of their president. Many Christians and the conservative right-wing supported Ronald Reagan’s campaign for president and were dismayed when it was reported that First Lady Nancy Reagan often consulted astrologer Joan Quigley for advice. Nancy had known Joan Quigley since the 1970s, but Nancy sought her advice for the president’s personal safety after the assassination attempt on his life in 1981. In the book, For the Record by former White House Chief of Staff Donald Regan, he states that Nancy Reagan used astrologers to help plan the president’s schedule of activities. Joan Quigley wrote in her own book that she was heavily involved in activities involving the President’s international relations.

President Ronald Reagan and wife Nancy

What then for The Future

It is common consensus that the founding fathers were the best and brightest on the earth at the time. They were successful at creating, through their deep beliefs and tireless desire for freedom, what has been widely considered the greatest country on earth. Why then, are so many fearful of the spiritual philosophies that drove most of them?

These metaphysical traditions studied by our Founders enlightened their efforts to create a new government, and were the deeper, secret source of their wisdom and inspiration. Today this ageless wisdom is no longer secret and is readily available. Could knowledge of the metaphysical sciences help enlighten our efforts today to create a better world? Could it help us learn to actually embody “E Pluribus Unum”—“Out of Many, One” by creating a true unity in diversity? And most importantly, can we allow the All Seeing Eye of Spirit to guide our national life as our Founders did?

Christianity and Astrology

Astrology is not a religion, although it can and has been used as a tool of religion – as is evidenced in many examples of zodiacal symbols in ancient religious art. Zodiac symbology can be found in temples, in association with the 12 tribes of Israel, for example. And the association of the apostles Matthew, Mark, Luke and John with the Man, the Lion, the Bull (or Ox) and the Eagle, respectively, relates directly back to the zodiac symbols that were, in Biblical times, thought to be the cardinal points. Numerous astrologers are Christians, Jews, Hindus-of many and varied religious backgrounds. (It is difficult to find an atheist-astrologer, because respect for the amazing order of the universe that astrology demonstrates is impossible to reconcile with belief in a universe based on mere chance.)

A few biblical passages – if taken out-of-context of the chapters they are in can seem to be anti-Astrology. If placed in context, the meaning is quite different. No passage condemns Astrology, in itself. Some passages warn against the fatalistic misuse of Astrology. Astrology permeated the culture in biblical times, and many subtle astrological symbols are used in scripture in quite favorable references. Modern Bibles correctly translate the “Magi” who followed the star to the birthplace of Jesus as “astrologers.” Even the very first chapter of Genesis says that the lights in the sky are to serve as “signs,” with the implication that those signs will be “read” and used!

A primary objection of some religious fundamentalists is perhaps that one might rely on Astrology to influence one’s future, rather than on God. This brings up the age-old question of fate and free will – with all the “predictions” (mostly wrong) that appear in the tabloids – it’s no wonder that Astrology gets associated with fatalism. Whether or not one believes that all or part of the future is predestined is a matter of faith, which has nothing to do with Astrology. Yet astrological cycles have been observed to coincide with similar repeated trends, and therefore do provide us with a tool for looking ahead. This is not really so different from the type of prognosis made through various other types of future analysis, from stock market or cultural trends to the weather.

The vast majority of modern astrologers operate on the belief that the future is not fated and we do have choices. Think of it . . .why would we bother to look at a chart (or engage in counseling) unless we thought that the process of doing so could give us the ability to influence the future. Based on the current patterns and cycles in a chart, plus some knowledge of current situations and attitudes, it is often possible for an astrologer to illustrate what core issues a client is being called upon to deal with, learn about or clear out of their life. That does not mean the outcome is “fated” – that one cannot choose to change it. A competent astrologer will offer suggestions for improved outcomes or, “If you continue on the present course, this could be the trend”. No matter to what religion a client may belong, one can still use a religious practice to assist in improving the outcome of astrological transits.  There are always infinite choices and spiritual ways to respond but it’s nice to know what players are on the field and what game is being played.

Psychiatrist Carl G. Jung

Carl G. Jung, one of the worlds greatest Psychiatrists felt strongly about the use of astrology in psychoanalysis. He is quoted as saying, “…Astrology represents the summation of all the psychological knowledge of antiquity.” Carl G. Jung is widely recognized as a genius in the field of psychology who made great strides towards understanding the complex human psyche. His most well-known work formed the basis of Psychological Type, later turned into the popular Myers-Briggs Type Indicator psychometric instrument. And an increasing number of psychology professionals are finding that a Natal Chart reveals information that can help cut through months of preliminary conversation right to the main issues of concern for the client. He is further quoted as saying, “As we all know, science began with the stars, and mankind discovered in them the dominants of the unconscious, the “Gods”, as well as the curious psychological qualities of the Zodiac: a complete projected theory of human character.”

In summation, the Science of Astrology has, at its core, research, verification and input of hundreds of thousands of practitioners over thousands of years and is easily verifiable with just a little open minded investigation. Most sceptics who embark on a study of Astrology, do not remain skeptical for long.

Astrological Aspects for 2010 and Global Change

by on Monday, February 8th, 2010

This is an abridgement of a talk I was invited to give at the Philosophical Library in Escondido, CA, in 2009.

This presentation is based on compelling questions I am continually asked. People seem to be aware that life, as we have known it, is changing and want to know why. Many feel that something is off, different. So, I am frequently asked, “What is going on astrologically and how will it affect us? What could happen and how should we prepare?”

There is no way to predict exact events before they unfold. However, under a given set of planetary aspects, we can be clear about their nature and theme. How we react and maneuver through these changes depends on our ability to change our responses, in a positive way, to the situations around us we cannot control.

In order to keep a finger on the pulse of world events, astrologers watch for significant changes in planetary activity. There is indeed major planetary activity in 2010 unlike anything we have experienced in many decades.

Pluto shifting into the heavy and restrictive sign of Capricorn from the light and open energy of Sagittarius is the fundamental transit shaping global events. When a planet changes signs it is considered quite significant. This shift equals unprecedented change in our lifetime. Pluto’s slow rotation around the Sun puts the last dates of its sojourn in Capricorn from January 1762 to the Spring of 1777. That transit was characterized by imposing unrest which resulted in the American war for independence from Great Britain; new types of government required to manage and regulate resources and humanity within a new framework. A very fascinating and informative study.

Astrological signs are characterized by distinguishable traits. Sagittarius is a sign of Mutability, concerned with thinking, learning, philosophy and humanitarianism. There is expansiveness and lightness to the energy. Capricorn, however, is a heavy, restrictive and serious energy. It is a Cardinal sign and is action oriented and concerned with movement and structure. As Pluto shifted from Sagittarius into Capricorn the energy we feel is more formidable in nature and action oriented.

In Sagittarius, Pluto’s energies, which are heavy and destructive, were helping expose the corruption in religion and the breakdown in religious traditions; what is no longer working, relevant or corrupt. Pluto in Capricorn represents a breaking down of governmental structures, corporations and business, exposing the same things; corruption, what is no longer viable and what is unsustainable. Pluto’s main function is to  expose, break down, destroy and rebuild. As Pluto changed signs the focus changed globally from philosophical and religious to the structures that govern our countries and their people, and our resources.

When dealing with religion and philosophy you are working with what is mostly intangible as a rule; peoples beliefs. Now, we are concerned with very tangible challenges and breakdowns which strike at the core of our very survival. The big focus will be on how we use our resources and how we use power. As corporations and businesses collapse around us, the ones that survive will be those based on sustainability, integrity and those that are planet friendly.

Three other planets will be changing signs in 2010 producing noteworthy shifts. Uranus has been transiting in the sign of Mutable Pisces and will be moving into the Cardinal sign of action oriented and impulsive Aries, adding to its already unpredictable nature. Jupiter will also be shifting from Pisces to Aries, staying in close aspect to Uranus for a period of time and magnifying the explosive energies of Uranus.

Saturn has been transiting in the Mutable sign of Virgo and will be moving into the Cardinal and restless sign of Libra. Planets closer to the Sun change signs frequently. But, these particular changes are very significant because they are all in strong and difficult aspects to each other and they are all shifting from Mutable signs related to thinking into an action oriented Cardinal energy. These three planets are forming a challenging configuration called a T-Square, consisting of two squares and an opposition. These adverse aspects will make a huge impact on world events.

How will this affect us? We are already seeing and feeling the destructive affects; increases in natural disasters, the physical element of the planet (Capricorn, Saturn), and breakdowns in corporate and governmental structure with much happening in seeming sudden (Uranus/Pluto) and public ways as there is forceful movement. All of these astrological aspects and shifts into Cardinal signs will create more stress as tension mounts leading up to the exactitude of these aspects in late May. They stay in close aspect for several months, and August could be a difficult time.

The Earth is a living creature affected by astrological energies just like the people that inhabit her. This T-square with Pluto/Saturn/Uranus is creating a powerful magnetic pull playing havoc with the fault lines. We will see an increase in seismic activity and superstorms around the globe. Individuals are also feeling the pull and we will see a greater inability to cope, more suicides and general unrest as the changes come rapidly with little time to adjust.

What to do? We should all do our best to be prepared. We need to focus on how to move forward and land on our feet. This is a time of surrender. We can’t change the aspects and we can’t control natural disasters and the physical changes occurring on the Earth. Whether it turns out good or bad depends on perspective and attitude. I am advocating a 3 month supply of essentials; food, water and whatever it is you rely on and use daily. Keep some cash on hand in small denominations. Get used to living on less, some economists suggest half of what you are used to living on. Get rid of all duplication of services and wasteful spending. A 72 hour preparedness kit would be a wise investment for each family member.

What will happen is in many ways a necessary shift to a more love centered world. When there are huge disasters, we see and feel a great outpouring of love. There is an order to the universe and the energies of our solar system. It is believed these significant changes are designed to help mankind evolve. Actually, the highest expression of Plutonian energy is pure unconditional love. This is the energy we want to focus on. Modern day visionaries are suggesting that this is a great time of awakening. There is no going back. The energy of the Earth is quickly rising up into a new world, and is like a tsunami of new energy washing through every crack and crevice of our reality. The more the masses focus on love and compassion and eliminate fear based thinking and actions, the easier the shift will be for all. We are all connected. So how this transformation plays out is up to us and how conscious we are. We don’t have to play the role of victims, we can play the part of leaders. It is up to us to show the way and to create workable solutions as adverse events play out.

“Once you have glimpsed the world as it might be, it is impossible to live anymore complacent in the world as it is.” (Anonymous)

Pluto in Capricorn and World Changes

by on Monday, February 8th, 2010

Pluto’s Energies in Capricorn for the next 16 yrs.  This text is from my Tele-Conference on February 17, 2008

Many clients are asking, “What is going on?” Changes are coming so rapidly, that people are feeling wiped out, burnt out and exhausted, and often, cynical, angry, frustrated, impatient, and depressed to the point of apathy.  Some are feeling they have been stretched to the limit. If you have had any of these thoughts or feelings recently, you are not alone.

These transformative planetary energies are building up like a pressure cooker causing blow ups, and blockages that can make you feel trapped, stressed, and pressured with physical pressure symptoms bloating, sinus pressure, intestinal distress, indigestion, nausea and headaches. We are really feeling it in the US where there have been many mass shootings, screaming matches, accusations, and temper tirades; all symptoms of this building pressure. The current situation in the Middle East is yet another example of the pressure build-up during these surges of higher energy.

The cause of all of this is two fold. First, we have the rapid shift in higher frequency energy coming in waves. We are in a holding pattern, waiting for these new energies to fully ground so we can feel something solid from which to build. After doing so much work it is very difficult to have to stay in the old paradigm and continue to function with enthusiasm. Feelings of depression can result, as we may feel stuck, disappointed, held back, and in the wrong place or space. And in addition to these global energies, each one of us is involved in our individual Astrological transits which can greatly add to some of our individual challenges.

So why are we still in a holding pattern? We are waiting for the coming shift in mass consciousness. There are many who are almost there. It works like this. Studies have shown, that when there are a hundred who are conscious it affects the consciousness of a thousand. When there are a thousand conscious, it shifts the consciousness of a hundred thousand. When a hundred thousand is reached it shifts a million. Do you get the picture. We are waiting on what has been termed critical mass, when there are enough enlightened souls to shift global consciousness. I believe we are very close. This is what people like Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Ram Dass, Maryann Williamson and many others are working so hard for all around the world. This impending shift has been talked about for ions of time.

Second, there are planetary energies and alignments which are contributing to the squeeze individually and globally. The movement of Pluto into the sign of Capricorn is a huge shift into a very different world than we have known in our lifetime. It takes Pluto approximately 250 years to circle the Sun. Astrologically, this really is a big deal. Because Pluto moves so slowly, it only changes signs once every 20 years (on average).  It’s affects are viewed generationally. So the change of signs is like a changing of the guard and represents a shift in thinking that’s planet-wide. Let’s look at the energies of Pluto, then the sign Capricorn and then put the two together.

For those who keep up on scientific news, the reclassification of Pluto from planet to planetoid has no relevance on the measurable energies we feel from this celestial body. Understanding the time it takes Pluto to circle the Sun has allowed astrologers to look backward and study the global impact of Pluto’s transits. We now have volumes of empirical data to refer to.

Although we can never know in advance the exact events that will unfold under a given set of astrological aspects, it is possible to be clear about their nature and theme. How we maneuver through these changes depends largely on our ability to change, in a positive way, our responses to the things around us we cannot control.

Pluto’s energies are associated with issues of death, rebirth and transformation. When the old ways are no longer useful they are destroyed so the new more effective ways can emerge.  One can expect major change wherever Pluto’s energies are targeted.

Capricorn energies are all about the structure in our life and its management. Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn. Saturn is about work, government, big business and our resources and how we manage them.  It also relates to structure and limits. These definitions apply to our entire bio-sphere. Saturn has also moved from the mutable (changes in thinking) sign of Sagittarius to a cardinal sign (action oriented).  More on this in my upcoming article on Aspects in 2010 and Global Change.

With Pluto in Capricorn we can initially expect to see the exposure of some damaging facts and patterns related to the management of resources and people. This is the first step in Pluto’s work — what needs to be radically transformed and healed must first be exposed. We can also expect to see the usual denial and cover-ups to justify whatever abuse has taken place.

Pluto has also been associated with compulsive and obsessive behavior patterns. Although these patterns cause a lot of pain they are only defense mechanisms that keep us from addressing much deeper issues. Can we also see how these energies play out on a global scale? We live in a society fueled by compulsive and obsessive extravagance.

Saturn is also considered the Lord of Karma which has to do with the law of actions and reactions or cause and affect. So we can expect to be confronted with the accumulated actions of the past and their reactions in the present.

Many of the changes that took place during Pluto’s most recent transits in Capricorn show us that the collective conscious tends to learn from the experience whatever the results, although some of the things we learn we later realize are not helpful. We do make a difference in how the chaos and change is managed and handled.

The last two times Pluto transited Capricorn were 1515 to 1532 and then again from 1762 to 1777. History has shown that through both of these transits, governmental restructuring, business, and the management and distribution of resources were at the forefront. I want to review them quickly so you can see a pattern of issues and human actions which resulted, during those times, positive and negative.

Lets start with the 1500’s.

• In 1517 the great Protestant Reformation took place in Western Europe. This was a meaningful shift for a large portion of humanity. Although it was largely a religious movement it had a massive impact on human activities. Some of the results of the transits were:

• Breaking down of the old rigid medieval order, livelihoods were threatened by emerging large companies.

• The philosophy emerged that those who were successful were more in God’s favor.

• Earnings were not to be enjoyed but reinvested. The more one made the more an individual was in God’s favor. Religious entitlement and spiritual elitism was born.

• This huge shift towards work is what enabled Capitalism to flourish through the exploitation of people and natural resources.

• With this enormous expansion there was an equally enormous drive to gain access to resources.

• Explorers began to circumnavigate the world.. There was Hernan Cortez in 1518 and Ferdinand Magellin 1519. Their discoveries were huge in finding resources — human included–- and conquering them, developing ways to exploit and export them.

• Slave labor became a massive industry. The ultimate human resource.

• A massive increase in military operations occurred, carving huge empires that yielded unprecedented accumulation of wealth and power concentrated in only a few nations and families.

Now let’s examine the events of Pluto’s transit through Capricorn from 1762 to 1777.

This could have been a wonderful opportunity for man to review and change it’s attitude toward work, wealth and the management of resources and to some extent this happened but not in a way we would have changed things given our current knowledge.

• James Watt invented the steam engine in 1765 which powered the Industrial revolution. This propelled the easy transportation of resources and people.

• Slave trade created unprecedented wealth. The numbers of slaves traded between 1500 and 1900 is estimated in the 10’s of millions.

• The American Revolutionary War starts early in 1775 over unfair taxation from Great Britain. This was caused by the rich who saw their wealth as a sign of God’s love and naturally saw themselves as privileged or the elite of God.

• Great Britain was challenged by our nation wanting their autonomy who made their wealth largely by the exploitation of African slaves.

• With so many humans being victims of genocide and slavery for the sake of wealth, human freedom became a burning issue.

Thus, Pluto in Capricorn witnessed the creation of new types of government to regulate humanity within a new framework.  There is a quote from Voltaire from the 1700’s which I feel is relevant today. He said, “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” Does this ring true today?

What can we expect this go round? Well, I think a lot does depend on what we allow to happen. We do need radical reforms and a shift in consciousness from an ego-centered view to a world-centered view. In times of change and crisis we have only two choices, we can either evolve into a higher state of being or devolve into a lower one. We can either shift from a power based ego consciousness to a love-based consciousness where our awareness begins to transcend our preprogramed counter productive thought patterns.

• We can expect that large numbers of people will continue to be manipulated through fear, towards conflict over the acquisition, retention and control of decreasing natural resources, especially oil.

• We also have the Planet Uranus becoming involved which can be explosive in nature and intense. With Uranus in hard aspect not only to Pluto but Saturn from November 2009 to the summer of 2010, we could see unprecedented volatility. This could mean an escalation in military conflict particularly in the Middle East.

• Pluto and Uranus will form a series of squares from late 2011 to early 2016. The hard aspects of these squares are extreme in nature and represent the most intense combination of energies. The last time we experienced anything like this was in the early 1930’s which brought us Nazism and Fascism and other extremes. Pluto was then in Cancer though which focused the conflicts around race and eugenics or selective breeding.

• Many large businesses and banks are likely to fail. Any and all corrupted areas of our economy will need to be redefined and restructured.

• Since privileged access to natural resources and wealth has been equated with an equally privileged relationship with God, it seems apparent that a significant change in our relationship to the divine is a prerequisite. This antiquated doctrine is likely to come under critical scrutiny.

• The forthcoming issues over resources will force not only religious institutions but each individual to question our position on who is entitled to enjoy the bounty of God’s creations.

• New alliances will be formed to reverse these trends which may result in the term, The “New World Order” which is yet to be defined.

• So, we can see that the energies coming together show a profound relationship to our planet around issues of sharing resources, and power management. These astrological energies and events will create large scale trends that will be expressed based on each nation’s level of consciousness.

What do we want to happen? I vote for fighting for what we want rather than against what is undesirable. There are horrifying things happening all around us that we don’t want anymore. What are the opposite positive expressions we would like to see happen?

Many of my clients ask for guidance as to where to put their energies.   Where do we go from here?  I have been preaching happiness from my pulpit for a long time now. It is more important with each passing day. We must each learn to find peace and happiness within our souls, in times that are pleasant and unpleasant. We can not control these intense and transformational astrological aspects or the increasing natural disasters. We can, however, control how we respond to them.

Embrace change. Simplify your life. Cut out unnecessary expenses and duplication of services. Owning things can be a tremendous burden. Let go of things you don’t need that clutter up your life and thoughts. Reduce the red tape and hoops you have to jump through to survive. Stop worrying about what others may think. There is a great saying by Terri Cole Whittiker “What other people think of me is none of my business”. She’s right! This is a huge waste of energy. This will free up your mind with less worry and more time to be happy and peaceful. Look at yourself with honesty and see where you can conserve to help everyone. Make your mantra that no matter what happens, you will thrive. It will be different and unique for each of us as our personal missions and astrological influences are different.

Look to partner with like minded people and pool resources so all of your wonderful plans can flourish. Don’t be hard on yourself if what you wanted a year ago has changed. It seems to be changing for many. Remember that fear always talks the loudest in your head. True inspiration is usually soft and subtle.

We each need to be looking toward new ways of doing business, sustainable business. What is going on in business as usual is not sustainable, and this will become ever more apparent with Pluto in Capricorn over the next several years. Keep current on the most successful ways to market and how to land on your feet when times are tough. We will need conscious individuals with integrity leading the way so humanity can progress in a more enlightened direction.