Pluto in Capricorn and World Changes

by Wendy on February 8th, 2010

Pluto’s Energies in Capricorn for the next 16 yrs.  This text is from my Tele-Conference on February 17, 2008

Many clients are asking, “What is going on?” Changes are coming so rapidly, that people are feeling wiped out, burnt out and exhausted, and often, cynical, angry, frustrated, impatient, and depressed to the point of apathy.  Some are feeling they have been stretched to the limit. If you have had any of these thoughts or feelings recently, you are not alone.

These transformative planetary energies are building up like a pressure cooker causing blow ups, and blockages that can make you feel trapped, stressed, and pressured with physical pressure symptoms bloating, sinus pressure, intestinal distress, indigestion, nausea and headaches. We are really feeling it in the US where there have been many mass shootings, screaming matches, accusations, and temper tirades; all symptoms of this building pressure. The current situation in the Middle East is yet another example of the pressure build-up during these surges of higher energy.

The cause of all of this is two fold. First, we have the rapid shift in higher frequency energy coming in waves. We are in a holding pattern, waiting for these new energies to fully ground so we can feel something solid from which to build. After doing so much work it is very difficult to have to stay in the old paradigm and continue to function with enthusiasm. Feelings of depression can result, as we may feel stuck, disappointed, held back, and in the wrong place or space. And in addition to these global energies, each one of us is involved in our individual Astrological transits which can greatly add to some of our individual challenges.

So why are we still in a holding pattern? We are waiting for the coming shift in mass consciousness. There are many who are almost there. It works like this. Studies have shown, that when there are a hundred who are conscious it affects the consciousness of a thousand. When there are a thousand conscious, it shifts the consciousness of a hundred thousand. When a hundred thousand is reached it shifts a million. Do you get the picture. We are waiting on what has been termed critical mass, when there are enough enlightened souls to shift global consciousness. I believe we are very close. This is what people like Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Ram Dass, Maryann Williamson and many others are working so hard for all around the world. This impending shift has been talked about for ions of time.

Second, there are planetary energies and alignments which are contributing to the squeeze individually and globally. The movement of Pluto into the sign of Capricorn is a huge shift into a very different world than we have known in our lifetime. It takes Pluto approximately 250 years to circle the Sun. Astrologically, this really is a big deal. Because Pluto moves so slowly, it only changes signs once every 20 years (on average).  It’s affects are viewed generationally. So the change of signs is like a changing of the guard and represents a shift in thinking that’s planet-wide. Let’s look at the energies of Pluto, then the sign Capricorn and then put the two together.

For those who keep up on scientific news, the reclassification of Pluto from planet to planetoid has no relevance on the measurable energies we feel from this celestial body. Understanding the time it takes Pluto to circle the Sun has allowed astrologers to look backward and study the global impact of Pluto’s transits. We now have volumes of empirical data to refer to.

Although we can never know in advance the exact events that will unfold under a given set of astrological aspects, it is possible to be clear about their nature and theme. How we maneuver through these changes depends largely on our ability to change, in a positive way, our responses to the things around us we cannot control.

Pluto’s energies are associated with issues of death, rebirth and transformation. When the old ways are no longer useful they are destroyed so the new more effective ways can emerge.  One can expect major change wherever Pluto’s energies are targeted.

Capricorn energies are all about the structure in our life and its management. Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn. Saturn is about work, government, big business and our resources and how we manage them.  It also relates to structure and limits. These definitions apply to our entire bio-sphere. Saturn has also moved from the mutable (changes in thinking) sign of Sagittarius to a cardinal sign (action oriented).  More on this in my upcoming article on Aspects in 2010 and Global Change.

With Pluto in Capricorn we can initially expect to see the exposure of some damaging facts and patterns related to the management of resources and people. This is the first step in Pluto’s work — what needs to be radically transformed and healed must first be exposed. We can also expect to see the usual denial and cover-ups to justify whatever abuse has taken place.

Pluto has also been associated with compulsive and obsessive behavior patterns. Although these patterns cause a lot of pain they are only defense mechanisms that keep us from addressing much deeper issues. Can we also see how these energies play out on a global scale? We live in a society fueled by compulsive and obsessive extravagance.

Saturn is also considered the Lord of Karma which has to do with the law of actions and reactions or cause and affect. So we can expect to be confronted with the accumulated actions of the past and their reactions in the present.

Many of the changes that took place during Pluto’s most recent transits in Capricorn show us that the collective conscious tends to learn from the experience whatever the results, although some of the things we learn we later realize are not helpful. We do make a difference in how the chaos and change is managed and handled.

The last two times Pluto transited Capricorn were 1515 to 1532 and then again from 1762 to 1777. History has shown that through both of these transits, governmental restructuring, business, and the management and distribution of resources were at the forefront. I want to review them quickly so you can see a pattern of issues and human actions which resulted, during those times, positive and negative.

Lets start with the 1500’s.

• In 1517 the great Protestant Reformation took place in Western Europe. This was a meaningful shift for a large portion of humanity. Although it was largely a religious movement it had a massive impact on human activities. Some of the results of the transits were:

• Breaking down of the old rigid medieval order, livelihoods were threatened by emerging large companies.

• The philosophy emerged that those who were successful were more in God’s favor.

• Earnings were not to be enjoyed but reinvested. The more one made the more an individual was in God’s favor. Religious entitlement and spiritual elitism was born.

• This huge shift towards work is what enabled Capitalism to flourish through the exploitation of people and natural resources.

• With this enormous expansion there was an equally enormous drive to gain access to resources.

• Explorers began to circumnavigate the world.. There was Hernan Cortez in 1518 and Ferdinand Magellin 1519. Their discoveries were huge in finding resources — human included–- and conquering them, developing ways to exploit and export them.

• Slave labor became a massive industry. The ultimate human resource.

• A massive increase in military operations occurred, carving huge empires that yielded unprecedented accumulation of wealth and power concentrated in only a few nations and families.

Now let’s examine the events of Pluto’s transit through Capricorn from 1762 to 1777.

This could have been a wonderful opportunity for man to review and change it’s attitude toward work, wealth and the management of resources and to some extent this happened but not in a way we would have changed things given our current knowledge.

• James Watt invented the steam engine in 1765 which powered the Industrial revolution. This propelled the easy transportation of resources and people.

• Slave trade created unprecedented wealth. The numbers of slaves traded between 1500 and 1900 is estimated in the 10’s of millions.

• The American Revolutionary War starts early in 1775 over unfair taxation from Great Britain. This was caused by the rich who saw their wealth as a sign of God’s love and naturally saw themselves as privileged or the elite of God.

• Great Britain was challenged by our nation wanting their autonomy who made their wealth largely by the exploitation of African slaves.

• With so many humans being victims of genocide and slavery for the sake of wealth, human freedom became a burning issue.

Thus, Pluto in Capricorn witnessed the creation of new types of government to regulate humanity within a new framework.  There is a quote from Voltaire from the 1700’s which I feel is relevant today. He said, “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” Does this ring true today?

What can we expect this go round? Well, I think a lot does depend on what we allow to happen. We do need radical reforms and a shift in consciousness from an ego-centered view to a world-centered view. In times of change and crisis we have only two choices, we can either evolve into a higher state of being or devolve into a lower one. We can either shift from a power based ego consciousness to a love-based consciousness where our awareness begins to transcend our preprogramed counter productive thought patterns.

• We can expect that large numbers of people will continue to be manipulated through fear, towards conflict over the acquisition, retention and control of decreasing natural resources, especially oil.

• We also have the Planet Uranus becoming involved which can be explosive in nature and intense. With Uranus in hard aspect not only to Pluto but Saturn from November 2009 to the summer of 2010, we could see unprecedented volatility. This could mean an escalation in military conflict particularly in the Middle East.

• Pluto and Uranus will form a series of squares from late 2011 to early 2016. The hard aspects of these squares are extreme in nature and represent the most intense combination of energies. The last time we experienced anything like this was in the early 1930’s which brought us Nazism and Fascism and other extremes. Pluto was then in Cancer though which focused the conflicts around race and eugenics or selective breeding.

• Many large businesses and banks are likely to fail. Any and all corrupted areas of our economy will need to be redefined and restructured.

• Since privileged access to natural resources and wealth has been equated with an equally privileged relationship with God, it seems apparent that a significant change in our relationship to the divine is a prerequisite. This antiquated doctrine is likely to come under critical scrutiny.

• The forthcoming issues over resources will force not only religious institutions but each individual to question our position on who is entitled to enjoy the bounty of God’s creations.

• New alliances will be formed to reverse these trends which may result in the term, The “New World Order” which is yet to be defined.

• So, we can see that the energies coming together show a profound relationship to our planet around issues of sharing resources, and power management. These astrological energies and events will create large scale trends that will be expressed based on each nation’s level of consciousness.

What do we want to happen? I vote for fighting for what we want rather than against what is undesirable. There are horrifying things happening all around us that we don’t want anymore. What are the opposite positive expressions we would like to see happen?

Many of my clients ask for guidance as to where to put their energies.   Where do we go from here?  I have been preaching happiness from my pulpit for a long time now. It is more important with each passing day. We must each learn to find peace and happiness within our souls, in times that are pleasant and unpleasant. We can not control these intense and transformational astrological aspects or the increasing natural disasters. We can, however, control how we respond to them.

Embrace change. Simplify your life. Cut out unnecessary expenses and duplication of services. Owning things can be a tremendous burden. Let go of things you don’t need that clutter up your life and thoughts. Reduce the red tape and hoops you have to jump through to survive. Stop worrying about what others may think. There is a great saying by Terri Cole Whittiker “What other people think of me is none of my business”. She’s right! This is a huge waste of energy. This will free up your mind with less worry and more time to be happy and peaceful. Look at yourself with honesty and see where you can conserve to help everyone. Make your mantra that no matter what happens, you will thrive. It will be different and unique for each of us as our personal missions and astrological influences are different.

Look to partner with like minded people and pool resources so all of your wonderful plans can flourish. Don’t be hard on yourself if what you wanted a year ago has changed. It seems to be changing for many. Remember that fear always talks the loudest in your head. True inspiration is usually soft and subtle.

We each need to be looking toward new ways of doing business, sustainable business. What is going on in business as usual is not sustainable, and this will become ever more apparent with Pluto in Capricorn over the next several years. Keep current on the most successful ways to market and how to land on your feet when times are tough. We will need conscious individuals with integrity leading the way so humanity can progress in a more enlightened direction.

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