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Inspirational ~ Finding Your Voice

by on Monday, September 6th, 2010

Finding your voice

Everyone is born with a perfect self expression, a unique “voice” so to speak, that is the perfect expression of who they were born to be and what they were born to do. I am often consulted to assist my clients in finding their voice, their life purpose. For those of you who have found and know your unique voice, I applaud you. Most people don’t have a clue as to why they were born and what they were meant to do while here. Astrology can indeed give clues to these burning questions by defining a person’s strengths, talents and gifts, however, taking advantage of opportunities, letting go of fear and doubt and living life with confidence, all play major roles as peoples’ lives play out before them.

What others think

We often believe we are the only one who is plagued with fear, and uncertainty. That everyone else has a more clear picture of who they were meant to be. Not so. It is actually part of the human condition to wonder about these important questions and feel fearful and self conscious about putting ourselves out there for possible scrutiny and ridicule.  In truth, what others think simply doesn’t matter. Each of us has within us a personal mission, an unfolding of our soul which will bring us great satisfaction and joy. Why miss out on all this because we care about what others will think?   I like Terri Cole Whittaker’s quote, “What other people think of me is none of my business.”

Think about how much time you have wasted worrying about what others think and doubting your value. Doubt can be a constant companion. Practice ignoring that doubting voice in your head that says, “Be careful what you do. You don’t want to take any risks. You don’t know what will happen. It’s better to just do nothing rather than risk being hurt or rejected.” We all battle with these voices. But now as we awaken during these rapidly evolving times, it is time to see them for what they really are, our fears in self-protective clothing.

Overcoming fear

Our biggest challenge is overcoming the fear.  Fear paralyzes and renders us impotent.

Paralyzed by fear

But yet it is really only bluffing and is completely dependant on you and your emotions to keep it operative. It is almost impossible to manifest your dreams if you bring fear into the present moment. It blocks the flow of your connection to the infinite realm of all that is possible. That realm carries a very high frequency and fear and doubt generate a low frequency. They are at odds. You must eliminate low frequency emotions to be in harmony with Divine infinite intelligence where the miracles happen. High frequency emotions are love, gratitude, joy, happiness, playfulness, acceptance, awe and wonder etc… If you can stay in that frequency then you will be attracting those things into your life that are comfortable in a high frequency and you will be able to more easily tap into that sweet creative realm of infinite possibilities.

What does your heart want?

Ask your heart what you would want to become if you could achieve it without any blockages in your way.  What would bring you the greatest joy? What would fill your soul? Once you have identified your desire, you must proceed as if there were no impediments. There aren’t actually, they only exist in your own mind. You can immediately hear the internal mental battle. “ There is no way I could possibly…” Now if you can change that dialogue to “Everyday I am moving closer to being that new person as nothing is impossible” then you will begin to make great progress toward finding your niche and sharing your unique voice.

Pablo Picasso - Jacqueline with Flowers

Your perfect self expression need not be grandiose or a media stage production. And you don’t need to be the most talented person in your field. You just need to be aware of your unique voice and what you have to share. I had a client, an art student, come for a consultation. During our visit she shared with me what her teacher had expressed to her. She reassured my client that it was not her perfection of the principles of art that would make her a famous artist, it was knowing her voice and doing her art with confidence that would propel her and make all the difference. Look at the works of Picasso as an example. He knew his voice.

George Seurat was a struggling artist in Paris in the late 1800’s. His voice was quite unique as he created works of art through a method he created called pointillism. There were no brush strokes, only little dots of paint creating a large and complex image. He became very famous for his unique style. He struggled mightily with fear and confidence to find his niche.

George Seurat - Sunday afternoon on the Isle

The play depicting his life, Sunday in the Park With George, is moving and inspiring. In one of the scenes, his wife sings encouraging words to him during a time of intense depression. Some of the words stuck with me and have been very meaningful as I have worked on developing my voice, “…Just keep moving on, anything you do, let it come from you, then it will be new, give us more to see.” (Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim) You might think what you want to do has been done before so why try. But, when it comes through you, then it will be new as it takes on your inspiration, personality and style.

What does your heart tell you? Your desire may be simply to awaken possibilities in others or to inspire others to greatness. You may want to read to children and see their beautiful eyes shine and come alive as you treat them to new worlds of possibilities. I heard it said, and I wish I remembered who, that the joy this person experienced was measured by how many shining eyes were glued to her as she spoke. Empowering others and making an impact was her voice. Our uniqueness can be little or big, it doesn’t matter. What is important is your knowledge that it is what you were meant to do and that it brings you joy.

Reading to children

What may seem small and insignificant to you now may change everything for someone else in the future. Your love and kindness, your example, your wisdom could change someone very important who may one day change the world or you could change and sooth the battered heart and soul of another and create hope.   Nothing good we do, no matter how small, is insignificant. We are all an extension of God and each of our “voices” is carrying forward the work of the Divine.