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Water Energy Dominates 2013

by on Thursday, January 10th, 2013

The Water signs, Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio will dominate the world stage in 2013, as several of the planets will be traveling through the Zodiac  in water signs.  The line up is as follows:

Neptune in Pisces until 2026
Saturn in Scorpio until 2015
Jupiter in Cancer, the second half of the year
Mercury retrogrades in Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio respectively
Moon’s North Node in Scorpio all year

Water is the fundamental and most basic component of all life on Planet Earth, comprising approximately 70% of the surface of the Earth and also the human body. It represents the feminine or yin aspects of human nature and the world; intuition, inspiration, wisdom, women and healing, the inner journey of life.  Water also controls our emotional bodies and our creative ability.

Enter the Goddess

With so much astrological emphasis in water, we can expect a global shift toward feminine power. The

The Goddess Principle

Goddess energy will become much more visible and viable bringing the pendulum swing back to a more centered approach, moving away from male or masculine dominance.  This could open the way for more women to rise to positions of power.  If you are feeling a strong desire to have your voice heard as a woman, now could well be the time to put your plans into action.

With Jupiter entering the sign of Cancer in June, all of the feminine energies associated with Cancer will be enhanced and magnified.  They include home (the real estate market), family, mothering, sensitivity to spirit, intuition, clairvoyance, clairaudience and psychic ability.  Water seems to thin the veil.

Emotional Chaos

You may find yourself feeling everything more acutely. We will most likely see more intense dramatic emotional displays in the news,  and perhaps feel more emotionally connected to everything in our world and what we see happening before us.

With all of the Mercury retrogrades occurring in water signs, tripling the time Mercury spends in water, we may all find that our mental energies and communications are based more on emotion rather than on reason or objectivity. I tell you these things so you can be aware of where your emotions may be coming from.  This does not mean that you should react to them and be swept away by the emotional tide.  Your ability to control how you respond to your emotions is your greatest place of power and peace.

Since water also contains the elements of creativity, governing the Arts and what we see in movies, television, books and art,  with Neptune in Pisces, supported by other planetary action in water, we should be treated to not only creative media, but inspirational and more spiritual entertainment as well.

Disruptive Forces


On the other side of Neptune in Pisces, and mixing in the energies of Saturn in Scorpio, we will see more economic contraction and more cutbacks on spending, and a continuing of behind-the-scenes governmental and corporate power struggles, with an emphasis on healthcare, pharmaceutical companies and their drug related problems, issues with liquid resources, raising sea levels and flooding, and conflict over price hikes in oil, gas and water.  We will also continue to experience religious polarization, issues surrounding mental health disorders, and an increase in denial, personally and institutionally.   When adding Scorpio to any mix,  exposing the corrupt underbelly and crisis will be the result.

The Moon’s nodes are not planets yet represent important crossing points for the Sun and Moon. The North Node is traditionally linked to the future. With the North Node in deep and disruptive Scorpio, reaching an inevitable  intense and powerful crisis point is foreseeable.  Change is inevitable and these changes are meant to be for our greatest good and require our active participation.

Uranus square Pluto continues to dominate world energies through rebellion and political crisis.  These disruptive and often unpredictable energies will continue through 2015.  With an over emphasis on water in 2013, emotions will continue to rise and overflow, and the dam could well break causing violent behavior and uprisings. Since ancient times, water has been used ritualistically to wash away the sins of the past, hopefully this will be done in a kind and gentle way.

A Rare Grand Sextile

There is however, a beautiful and rare alignment to look forward to,

Grand Sextile

occurring in late July, called a Grand Sextile. Seven out of ten planets will be involved in this positive configuration. It is comprised of  six sextiles, two Grand Trines,  and three oppositions. This will create a tremendous force for healing energy on the planet as all the players are in earth or water signs, which are feminine, a sign that the feminine forces are blessing us with love and grace, helping to offset other negative aspects.

Even though we have passed the critical and much maligned 2012 marker, in 2013 we will continue to see and feel the uncomfortable energies of dramatic change.  When dealing with emotional water, we can expect big waves and choppy seas, and even tsunamis.  Let’s all put our creative and spiritual sides forward and be steady and undeterred by the shifting tides before us and move forward creating the new, more peaceful world, we want to experience.   Follow your heightened inspiration and creative impressions and put your plans into action and 2013 can be a very powerful and successful year.