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Your Taurus Child

by on Thursday, April 20th, 2017

Your child’s birth chart is a snapshot of the heavens reflecting the gifts and challenges of your child’s life and its many cycles. This knowledge is an invaluable tool to assist in understanding the unique nature of each person young or old. As a parent, it would also be helpful to find out about your own chart and discover your strengths and weaknesses in parenting. Knowledge is power.

Taurus birthdays began April 19th at 2:27 pm PDT, and 5:27 pm EDT. (If this description does not accurately describe your Taurus child, there may be strong modifiers coming from other planets or sensitive points in the Natal chart which can overshadow Taurus characteristics.)

Taurus (April 19 – May 20)

Taurus babies, like the bull, are slow and may not show much activity in the beginning.

Taurus – Loves what Money can buy

They don’t like change and disruption or anything sudden. Provide them with a feeling of security and lots of comfort with soft and cuddly blankets and toys with many textures and colors. They become very attached to their comforts and pleasures and will become upset and frustrated when they are changed. Move them slowly and reassuringly. Keep their necks warm and covered especially when it is cold as they are ruled by the throat and when over tired or upset they can easily get a swore throat.

Little Taurus might early on have a pleasant speaking and singing voice which should be encouraged. They could talk early and will often use words to get their way. Your Taurus baby will have great stamina and persistence which can turn into stubbornness. They are patient and steady until they become angry and then watch out as they will charge like the little bull. Work at solving their issues before it reaches their threshold.

Taurus is a fixed sign and even an older Taurus child will resent being rushed or having plans and routines changed. This can seem like stubbornness, however, they naturally resist change. This is not something they do to cause trouble for you. Be patient and after a time of adjustment they will come around.

Taurus is deeply connected to the physical world with reliance on the physical senses and the accumulation of possessions and wealth.. The physical senses and beauty are so very important to these practical Bulls. They enjoy looking beautiful and being surrounded by lovely things as long as they are quality and will stand the test of time.

The receptive nature of Taurus is like the Earth, which receives the seeds, nurtures them with patience and causes them to grow. Taurus patience again may seem stubborn, but it is actually self-confidence, and surety, knowing that maturation takes time and their approach will pay off. They have the ability to see and feel when things are not balanced and can easily figure out the details necessary to restore harmony. Taurus loves to control and manage and often become managers in the workplace.

Taurus children are natural peacemakers and nurturers and enjoy mothering, often mothering you. You will find them keeping the peace and soothing their siblings or even adults with a hug or a treat. They don’t mind sharing things but can be possessive. Overeating can be a problem too as it is a sensuous pleasure. Taurus, like the bull calmly munching grass in the pasture, isn’t inclined to racing around and expending lots of energy so over weight can also be an issue. A board game is much more inducing than competitive sports. If they do choose a sport, they are not sprinters, but in for the long haul. At times they are hard to move so will require parental prodding. Your prodding may also be necessary to push them into social interaction with their peers. They don’t have difficulty interacting however, but they are not especially social either.

In school, your Taurus child will work carefully and slowly, with strong attention to details, and will not tire easily. Whatever task is before them, tenacious Taurus will finish it. They are naturally creative and  artisticallytalented and are especially good at crafts and things they can make with their hands.  Taurus boys often like working with wood and may enjoy becoming a contractor and working in the building industry.  The girls enjoy sewing, knitting and crochet, mosaics, cooking and gardening.  Both boys and girls have a natural affinity for color and like to color and draw. It would be helpful if they were exposed to all types of  creative mediums and then allowed to decide what they like best. They like to be creating something all the time.

Taurus children need lots of touching and are very affectionate. When deprived of physical touch they truly suffer. If they have become angry, the best way to restore their usual harmonious and even-tempered personality is quite simple, offer sincere affection and a tasty treat and the Taurus Sun will shine again.