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Your Gemini Child

by on Tuesday, May 24th, 2022

This article was written for Better Way Moms on Conscious Parenting. Gemini birthdays begin May 20th  at 1:31 pm PDT, and 4:31 pm EDT.

Gemini Twins

Parenting today is more than just fixing meals and making certain our kids are at school on time. Based on our ever increasing information highway, we are bombarded with huge amounts of parenting information, dos and don’ts, what’s right and what’s wrong. Bottom line, we need to know what really works and how we can help our little ones develop socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

While there are many philosophies on child development and parenting, their weakness lies in the lack of personalization. Astrology provides that personal factor. There is no better information to assist a parent then an understanding of a child’s astrological makeup. It is a child development strategy written specifically for your unique son or daughter. Every parent wants to do what is best for their child. Astrology can give you the insight you need.

(If this description does not accurately describe your Gemini child, there may be strong modifiers coming from other planets in the Natal chart which overshadow the Gemini characteristics.)

GEMINI (May 20 -June 20 this year)

These bright children are like twinkling stars and are the entertainers, the mimics and the Chatty Cathy’s. Witty and humorous, they easily become comedians. Never at a loss for words, these salesman could sell snow balls to Eskimo’s . It’s all about communication for this mentally active sign. They can talk and talk and talk and at times so fast it is hard to keep up! They are filled with questions from the thoughts that are racing through their churning brains and a need to know about everything. This constant activity can drive parents to distraction.

In general, Geminis are very intelligent and love to learn and speak. Reading and writing comes easily to them. Many become excellent writers, broadcasters, journalists, salesman and yes, comedians. Give them paper and pen daily to write about their day and the continuous stream of activity racing through their brain. This can help give you a quiet break, maybe…

They have a constant need for variety, so for your sanity, keep a big selection of books and activities to satisfy their insatiable curiosity and questions. They love games, puzzles and tricks to keep the mind occupied on figuring things out. Providing microphones and computers will keep them busy for hours. Boredom will turn them into a hyper, nervous, and cranky child. They can be happy and fun one minute and shift instantly to the cranky twin. There really are two personalities hidden in that non stop mind.

Geminis’ nature is to change and the speed at which they change can be daunting. The twins duality is clearly evident. Some say that a Gemini never raises in the morning the same person who went to bed at night. Thank goodness for their easy social and charming nature which can be a breath of fresh air at times. They flit about like a bee gathering nectar in a field of flowers, sampling life’s endless variety for the sheer joy of the experience. Gemini air must be allowed to move freely or they can become stagnant.

Gemini children tend to be hyperactive, so it is best to provide lots of physical activities, dance lessons, gymnastics, or track and field are appropriate. However, do not give them too many things to do at once, life will then become just one activity after another, without any sense of fulfillment or completion. They need to learn meaning and purpose.

Gemini is an air sign and if you think about the action of air, it skims the surface of the earth and doesn’t go deep. They need to be encouraged to go deeper than the surface and to become proficient at something. They tend to be fickle and change their mind often and quickly and to be forever occupied with trivia pursuit. They tend to get so wrapped up in the small details of anything that captures their interest that the larger picture escapes them. They can be a “jack of all trades” and master of none. Teaching your Gemini child to fulfill their commitments and to concentrate and complete what is in front of them will be the best things you can do for them.

One of the benefits of air signs is the ability to see all sides of an issue. They are prone to playing the devil’s advocate rather than just following along in agreement. This can be frustrating as they can seem argumentative. Encourage your Gemini to share how he sees the entire scenario and the feelings of those involved, not just the opposite view for arguments sake.

Free spirited, they believe everything belongs to everybody, so often honesty is a flexible issue. The rules of property are important for them to understand. Borrowing also means putting back or returning as they exhibit a lack of emotional sensitivity to things as well as people. And, there is the issue of their active brains moving so fast that they forget and lose track of things easily.

They can be prone to nervous intestinal disorders, and problems with hands and limbs. The lungs can also be an area of weakness with asthma and colds a problem. These children are more prone to dyslexia and nervous disorders, including speech problems than any other sign. They need lots of sleep to counter balance their hyperactivity.

If there are problems with school it is usually due to boredom. The public schools have been dumbing down the curriculums so there is “no child left behind”, so they say. However, this tends to leave behind the bright and agile Gemini mind that needs constant stimulation and new activities. Investigate magnet schools or private schools in your area that have an emphasis on communications and computer technology.

As they get older, the desire for variety can keep Geminis from being faithful to friends and later to a spouse, and the inability to stick with one career. Teach them integrity and the “do unto others as you would have others do unto you” principle. Remember, disciplining a Gemini at times is like trying to bottle the wind. Discipline is best administered by explanation. When this very mental child understands the why of something, their natural logic kicks in and your discipline becomes more effective.