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Your Aries Child

by on Wednesday, March 22nd, 2023

While there are many philosophies on child development and parenting, their weakness can be in the lack of personalization. Astrology provides that personal factor. There is no better information to assist a parent then an understanding of a child’s astrological makeup. It is a child development strategy written specifically for your unique son or daughter. Every parent wants to do what is best for their child. Astrology can give you the insight you need.

Aries birthdays began March 20th at 9:31 am PDT (If this description does not accurately describe your Aries child, there may be strong modifiers coming from other planets or sensitive points in the Natal chart which can overshadow Aries characteristics.)

Aries (March 19 – April 19)

Competitive Aries

As the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries relates to beginnings of all kinds, the primary energy that gets things going. Full of fire energy and that of an initiator, Aries is a self-starter. Willful and with a strong drive and desire to be first, they are always looking for a new adventure, challenge, project or experience. Intent on the preservation of individuality, Aries may display a preference for doing things by themselves at an early age, insisting, “I can do it myself, Mother.”

It is best to give your Aries child as much latitude as possible, within the bounds of safety, allowing them to learn from mistakes, for they will resent you for imposing your will on them. Try not to show amusement or anger by their intense need for independence. Humiliation will produce combative behavior.

Because they prefer to live life on their own terms, approval from others is not as necessary as for other signs. As long as they can do exactly as they please, it doesn’t matter what others think.

Aries is a highly aggressive and impatient energy. They bring in wonderful ideas and initiate their desires usually leaving the finishing details to more pragmatic signs. Their life theme is “I AM”. This life is all about them and becoming who they are.

Aries are the butterflies of the Zodiac as they light on a project, suck out all the nectar, get bored, and then fly off to light on something more exciting. They prefer to talk rather than listen. Aries has a strong unconscious drive for competition and will aggressively drive to win, and often at all costs.

An aries child will need a parent with a lot of patience, even as infants they can express aggressive behavior. They aren’t interested in waiting on your timetable. Aries is impulsive and wants what it wants, now! They are born pioneers and explorers and as they become more mobile, the Aries toddler will want to see and experience everything. So, healthy boundaries and constant supervision are important as they are prone to move headlong into all kinds of adventures and can be accident prone.

The art of distraction can work well on an Aries child as it will peak their curious nature. So when yours becomes feisty and is butting heads with you, distract them with something funny and interesting. You will need to experiment to find what works best. Just remember, Aries children love change and get bored easily, so you will need lots of tricks up your sleeve to keep the peace.

Aries does not like restriction, so provide new and exciting experiences and lots of physical activity to utilize their abundant energy, particularly if you want them to sleep well. As your Aries child grows, expose them to many different sports. They could easily wind up excelling in more than one. They prefer sprinting over long distance running.

They generally love school and learning as they are very social and they easily grasp many new things and love new challenges. You will need to make sure they follow through on the homework however, finishing tasks is not their strong suit! Aries can be hot headed so discipline with calm, not with anger. A very angry Aries child can be prone to hitting, kicking, biting, throwing things, yelling and screaming. So teach appropriate expressions of anger and the touching of others early on.

Aries must continually express the self and being practical and prudent are immaterial if it is what they want. Teach them about saving money and the importance of determining what is a want and what is a need. They are known for spending more than they have.

Aries can have frequent outbursts especially when frustrated as a way of releasing tension. Fortunately, these temper tantrums don’t last too long, once the energy has been expended. Not ones to hold grudges and resentments, they forgive easily, liking to brighten up the energy once again.