Wendy Cicchetti's Commentary


by Wendy on February 4th, 2010

Wendy is an author, writer, speaker, artist, teacher and counselor. She was born in May of 1950, the third of eight children. She became a mother figure in the family at an early age caring for younger brothers and sisters. Now Wendy is the quintessential earth mother offering stability and insight to her children, grandchildren and her many clients around the world. She is the mother of seven children and eight grandchildren.

Wendy has a background in politics, having served several years as an elected legislator in the State of Idaho. A conservative at the time, she has become more open in her political views, always seeking to endorse those who are looking for insightful answers to the many challenges facing our country and world.

She has studied politics, writing, astrology, music, art, interior design, and counseling. Her first book, Words of Love for Men – Secret Formulas for Mastering Intimate Relationships, was published in 2000. Her book can be purchased at www.WordsofLove.net. She is currently working on her second book.

Wendy has been a student of perennial philosophy for much of her life and has struggled with a deep desire to get to the bottom of things; why we believe what we do and the philosophies behind traditions and those beliefs. She has also done in depth studies of various religions and spiritual philosophies. She is well schooled in a powerful mixture of traditional and contemporary religion, spirituality, astrology and the arts and focuses on how these powerful mediums can impact and heal the emotional and spiritual parts of our lives. Wendy is sought after around the globe by those seeking a more meaningful relationship with their God, one that is not strictly tied to Christianity and organized religion.

You will find Wendy’s counseling to be comprehensive and resourceful as she addresses your talents, life purpose, concerns and challenges. She can help you understand yourself more fully and help you identify those patterns of behavior which keep causing you difficulty. She is frank, open and honest as she gives pragmatic, realistic, usable information and advice. Wendy uses proven, time-honored tools to provide you with insight and alternatives that will help you make more informed choices for your future. She will help you see the “hot” spots of your life and what issues need your focus.

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Wendy has great passion for helping parents do their most difficult job. Having solid information on a child’s innate personality, early in the child’s life, can provide parents with essential information on the best ways to parent and what they can expect as a result. Wendy’s knowledge and insights are an invaluable key for parents into the drives, motivations and possible pitfalls in their child’s personality. It is also very beneficial knowing how all the personalities in the family will intermesh.