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Your Libra Child

by on Sunday, September 25th, 2022

A child’s natal chart is read much the same as an adult’s chart. While an adult’s chart is generally interpreted with insight and instructions directly for use in current day-to-day life, a child’s chart can be interpreted and used to help the parents in directing their child’s future and healthy growth. This can be extremely beneficial for you, especially if you have a difficult child, to see into the unconscious drives and many facets of your child’s personality. The goal is to make your parenting years more productive. Where there are some charts more challenging than others, it is important to remember that there are no ‘bad’ charts; each one truly has a range of potential, positive and difficult as does your own.

(If this description does not accurately describe your Libra child, there may be strong modifiers coming from other planets or sensitive points in the Natal chart which can overshadow Libra characteristics.)

LIBRA (September 22 – October 21)

Libra Dancer

LIBRA Sun babies are an immediate joy. Sociable from the start, friendly and open, this infant will win everyone with smiles and gurgles. Even at the pre-verbal stage, little Libra is a social animal and loves to please. They posses a warm and communicative gaze that delights and charms. Interaction with family and others is usually easy and pleasant, for this child has an uncanny ability to adapt to almost any situation or environment.

Libra is a cardinal sign and is all about movement and action. They are usually the ones who tend to walk and talk early. They can be loud and boisterous and little Libra girls can often play the tomboy role. They are very drawn to rigorousbody movement, so early dancing, gymnastics and even yoga would be helpful. I often find older Libras as fitness Gurus, compulsive dancers and even ballerinas.

Ruled by Venus, they are also naturally artistic. Early training in the arts could be helpful for them down the road as they will always need a creative outlet. Whenever you provide training and fun which enhances their natural creative abilities, you are a step ahead of their fast paced style.

And speaking of style, Libras love artsy and funky clothes. They have a natural affinity for uniquely putting outfits together. Mom may need to step back and not worry about what others think. Give them plenty of room to be.

Beginning school is usually not a problem, for Libra Sun loves people and wants to be social, and interact with others. Young Libra manages easily in public and quickly learns the necessary social skills. In fact, so poised are Librans that they may prefer the company of older people to peers.

Libra is an air sign which needs to circulate just like the air that drives them. They detest being alone and seek partnership always. Even if it is just a trip to the store or a walk around the block, they will seek someone to go along. Partnership is a huge issue for all with strong Libra energy. They have a constant urge to merge! They are not good at being alone and may have a steady stream of best friends.

Warm and affectionate, Libra wants to be part of the “gang” and hates feeling left out. They can often loose track of where they end and others begin. So teaching appropriate boundaries is important. Depriving Libra of social activities is an effective form of punishment but should not be overdone, for when society-starved, Libra’s other side becomes willful and dominating.

Libra hates argument and strife of all kinds and will work hard to be the peacemaker but decision making is difficult, because Libra sees both sides, with utter clarity, and therefore tends to go back and forth constantly. They are the negotiators and diplomats of the Zodiac. Always harmonizing they are driven to make peace even if they sacrifice themselves in the process.

Libras make the best friends, but it is very difficult to be one. The challenge for Libra is balance. Seeing both sides of an issue is not always fun or productive. With such a strong desire to harmonize, they are always engaged in a mental dance when making decisions, similar to watching a tennis match. Don’t ever expect snap decisions. Their brain works like this: Is it fair? Is it right? Will they like me? Will I please everyone? Will it turn out for the best? Does it make me look the best… and on and on till you may want to pull your hair and then just make the decisions for them!

In general, Libras are delightful. Lovers of beautiful objects, they are most happy when on the move, surrounded by pretty things and lots of trinkets, sparkly clothes and many friends to fill their strong needs for excitement and partnership.

Your Capricorn Child

by on Saturday, January 1st, 2022

While there are many philosophies on child development and parenting, bottom line, we need to know what really works and how we can help our little ones develop socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Astrology provides that personal factor. There is no better information to assist a parent then an understanding of a child’s astrological makeup. It is a child development strategy written specifically for your unique son or daughter. Every parent wants to do what is best for their child. Astrology can give you the insight you need.

(If this description does not accurately describe your Capricorn child, there may be strong modifiers coming from other planets or sensitive points in the Natal chart which can overshadow Capricorn characteristics.)

Capricorn (December 21 – January 19)

Capricorn – Loving the Work

Capricorn Sun babies are serious and responsible even when very small. Infants can look prematurely wise and solemn, like little old people. They seem to be adults who are working their way backward to childhood and can act in astonishingly mature ways at a very young age, assuming responsibilities and giving advice to elders. Capricorn may develop a quirky sense of humor in order to compensate for an overly serious approach to life. As soon as Capricorns can walk and talk, they want to be helpful and do something important and may carry on surprisingly adult conversations with those who offer guidance. Because of all this seriousness, young Capricorn needs to be encouraged to play. Forms of play that teach while reaching a practical result are the best. Evan at play, they will give off the concentrated air of an adult busy at real work.

School is often approached in an organized fashion and their ambition will surface in the school years where goal-oriented Capricorn will work very hard to excel. Praise is not very important to the Capricorn student, but recognition and respect for real achievements is vital. Since they tend to focus on establishment-oriented topics and time-tested methods, Capricorns favor politics and history. Reading about successful people serves as inspiration. They will usually excel in those subjects that have a practical end, leaving the fantasy to others.

Though Capricorn children enjoy being taken seriously and given responsibility, when the burden becomes too great they notice other children don’t work so hard and become envious. Capricorn must be allowed to be a child. as the sign produces workaholics.. Taking responsibility comes naturally to this sign and the young can easily shoulder more than they are actually capable of handling. The wise parent will not allow this to happen, no matter how eager the child seems to take on more. Adult decisions should not be made by children. The results can be quite damaging to the child’s development.

Capricorn is very concerned with reputation. They enjoy the “State of the Art” as it often improves their public image. Young Capricorn girls can be very clothes conscious, needing to look put-together and organized with the appropriate accessories. The boys can also be concerned about their appearance, but need the respect for the big toys and popular electronics, the things they can show to their friends. They will do whatever is necessary so as not to let anyone notice that they may have a chink in their armor, or may not have ample money and resources. Capricorns are usually good with money and will feel the need to start saving early on.

Efficiency is the Capricorn watchword. What works is accepted and applauded, what does not work is discarded without a backward glance because everything must serve the same end: usefulness. Thus, feelings will be tempered with reality. Capricorn asks, even of love, “Will this work?” and if the answer is “no”, it turns away.

Capricorn is considered one of the cold signs and does not have a”touchy feely” emotional side. Close relationships can be frustrating for the partner as deep emotions require to much of Capricorn’s practical energy. They tend to be non communicative about intimacy and don’t feel comfortable with public displays of affection. They do enjoy however, having others around that respect and depend on them.

Preferring the administrative and executive side of life, Capricorn may not show much enthusiasm for sports and physical activities. This teen is more likely to be the student council president than captain of an athletic team.

Capricorn is very discriminating and detailed oriented, making good managers. They are often judgmental, pessimistic and conservative and quickly spot the flaws and mistakes in authority figures and systems and set about creating useful alternatives, filling in the blanks themselves or taking over the system.

Capricorn symbolizes father, authority, the social order, pragmatism and the slow but sure ascent to the top of the heap. Driven by ambition to succeed sccording the the world’s rules, the goat endures. Capricorn builds what is practical and useful to society, looking to authority figures to determine the right way to of doing things, wanting to know exactly what the rules are. Then, when meticuliously sticking to the game plan, Capricorn glories in success and enjoys a good pat on the back.

Your Cancer Child

by on Saturday, June 19th, 2021

Children’s Astrology is not just for parents of small children. It is useful for parenting older children as well. Guiding your child never ends, it simply changes. Understanding your child’s natal chart, at any age, can allow you to support them in the best possible way, according to their individual needs, and can even open the door to a deeper relationship and healing with older children. The most essential gift we can give a child is to provide them with understanding, resources, nurturing, and a solid foundation. Your child’s birth chart can provide you with the knowledge and understanding for one of the most challenging and important jobs of your life.

Cancer birthdays begin June 20th at 9:24 pm PDT. (If this description does not accurately describe your Cancer child, there may be strong modifiers coming from other planets or sensitive points in the Natal chart which overshadow Cancer characteristics.)

CANCER (June 20 – July 21)

Round Cancer baby

Cancer symbolizes the emotional of all human existence. This is the sign of nurturance, family, home, roots, tradition, the mother, the joy of caring for others, and the sheer tenacity of the life force. These yummy children usually have bright round faces with very knowing eyes even as infants. When young, their bodies tend to be more round, soft and fleshy. As they get older, they can become tall and lean. If negatively aspected they can become overweight. Cancer energy in general is intelligent, intuitive, imaginative and highly sensitive. From birth, they continuously monitor their environment for the feeling tone. They will always know what “vibes” are up.

Because baby Cancer is so sensitive to their environment, you will need to be very aware of their surroundings from day one. Loud noises and abrupt actions will frighten them easily. It is wise to provide them with a protective environment that is quiet and secure. If you are emotionally imbalanced, your little crab will pick up on it and cry in sheer empathy. These infants are like an emotional sponge and will soak up whatever feelings are in the air and can become overwhelmed by it all. Taking on the emotions of those around them is a continual problem for these children. Mood swings can be swift and severe even when the feelings originate with someone else. Emotional security is primary for their well being and without it they may draw into themselves and revert to childish behavior.

A secure Cancer is happy, loving and giving. An insecure Cancer is clingy, demanding, and holds onto past hurts when love is perceived to be in short supply. They can easily get lost in the ocean of emotion and lack objectivity; logic must be learned. Encourage your Cancer to express their feelings as they are known to be very private. Hug them often for they love to be held. This will help alleviate clingy, needy behavior and keep them from turning to emotional substitutes for love, like food, causing weight gain.

The peace and security of the home is absolutely vital to Cancers. As they get older, they often have their own special spot or private room. They actually prefer to be at home and will usually develop a keen interest in their heritage, culture, and homeland and will expect you to be as interested as they are. They can become handy and have the ability to fix anything around the home, and they love to save everything. You can always spot one of these children, for they are the ones that have the secret stash of candy, food and money.

They can become hoarders. Hoarding is not bad if one is hoarding money. Many of the wealthiest people on the planet are Cancers. It is more than just the desire to hoard money that makes them successful. They usually posses a high degree of intelligence which should be encouraged.

Cancer children can be very crabby and demanding if they feel insecure. Your emotional support is critical. They are naturally very generous and loving unless there is a shortage of love for them at which time they will revert into their shell and, when upset, they will usually respond with stomach aches.

Cancer is associated with the stomach and breasts where nutrition for life is the theme. Sooth them with bland foods, aloe vera juice, or milk products to ease the tension in their tummies. It can seem like they are making it all up as they can become overly dramatic. However, these feelings are very real to them.

Many male Cancers have a difficult time with their maternal and nurturing side which is what Cancer represents. They may become overly aggressive or competitive to compensate. You will often see older male Cancers with leather jackets and motorcycles acting tough to protect their very soft and sensitive underbelly. Encouraging them as children to share feelings, and that it is OK to be sensitive and intuitive, will help them adjust more easily. When well adjusted, Cancer males easily become wonderful fathers and care givers.

Cancers are nocturnal by nature and may not wake up easily in the mornings. Humor and laughter can definitely help. Leaving the home for school is often quite traumatic for Cancers. The crabbiness in the mornings coupled with needing reassurance that you and the home will still be there when they return, can create difficult mornings for Mom. It is often helpful if they can take a familiar object with them until the have adjusted and know everything is safe and secure. Never ridicule them for their attachments as it is a part of their unconscious makeup. It is best not to push them into school too early. They seem to do better staying with Mom for a longer period of time than for other children. They are highly creative and intelligent and when their emotional needs are met, they can excel in whatever they put their passion toward.

These are the nurturers of the zodiac. They will bring home all the stray children and pets in the neighborhood. Not only do they care about the underdogs in the world, they are very loyal and will protect family members at all costs.

Because home and family is so importance to your Cancer child, you will find them clinging to your leg when you want to get some away time. Some Cancers will cling to mom and their home way after it is appropriate, tending to be sentimental and moody. Providing lots of loving family time and activities will keep your little Cancer very happy and emotionally fulfilled.

Your Aquarius Child

by on Tuesday, January 26th, 2021

No amount of parental guidance can replace knowledge of your child’s natal chart. The information provided, once understood, can empower your ability to guide your child, based on their unique personality, in a specific way which appeals to their intrinsic nature and as such ensures a much better overall outcome.

(If this description does not accurately describe your Aquarius child, there may be strong modifiers coming from other planets or sensitive points in the Natal chart which can overshadow Aquarius characteristics.)

Aquarius (January 19 – February 18)

The universal family

Aquarius Sun babies have a quality of unpredictability. They may suddenly cease to respond to a regular routine of feeding and sleeping, causing much concern. The answer here may be to change the routine, as Aquarius follows inner patterns of response. Experimentation will likely provide the solution. Aquarius likes new things and new ideas and will evidence a free spirit quite early, making it easy for a parent to feel rejected. At an age when other children cling to their parents, this youngster may show a preference for independence. Often there is a sudden dislike of what was pleasing yesterday, but don’t take it personally. It’s just Aquarius Sun’s natural nonconforming nature at work.

Objective and logical, Aquarius has a mental approach to life and therefore school rarely presents difficulty. In fact, in kindergarten they may well show surprising independence and resent being escorted to school! This is an individualistic youngster — unconventional, unique, valuing the freedom to do and go without restriction. This child will bring home unusual friends, and pets. Patience on the part of more orthodox parents is necessary in order to avoid alienating the child, who may be labeled a rebel. But forcing conformity will only backfire. Aquarius will simply conceal forbidden activities. Guidance is necessary, and though coercion won’t work, appealing to logic and reasonableness will.

They may show an early interest in science and politics or subjects that seem unusual or experimental. They possess a good mind and have unusually good ideas. It would be well to praise them for their inventiveness and acknowledge their ideas for this is what they desire. They are not necessarily concerned with the implementation of their ideas so much as your appreciation for them. Remember to work things around where they have lots of choices and they think that their choices are their idea.

Many find the Aquarian ability to detach as a problem, however, they are capable of dealing with very emotional issues with detachment and little or no emotional involvement. This can be extremely helpful for those in the political arena or those in the medical and counseling professions.

They are very loyal and will stand up for what they believe is right and fight against the system for the underdog. You will find your Aquarian with a strange group of friends which they will strenuously protect and defend. Friendship is very important to their development as they intuitively see everyone in a spirit of brotherly love, and as such need the dimension of group social activities. They feel more comfortable in a group setting or being part of a team or cause than standing out alone. An Aquarius is rarely a loner.

Prejudice is alien to them. People are people and boundaries and borders are merely lines on paper and have no real meaning. Equity is their battle cry, perhaps because they secretly feel they are alien to this planet!

Your Scorpio Child

by on Thursday, October 17th, 2019

The worst pain a mother can feel is the feeling of somehow failing as a mother. Until I began to study Astrology, I felt like I had failed with a few of my seven children and I suffered deeply over this. When I studied my children’s Natal charts and saw the intense challenges some of them brought with them, it relieved the pain as I realized it would not have mattered who their parents were, they were in for a challenging life. If you are the parent of a Scorpio, it is very helpful to know that their path is more complex then the other signs and you will need to develop new parental strategies which will lead to more joyful and rewarding experiences. Knowledge is power.

Scorpio birthdays begin October 22nd at 04:46 pm PDT, and 7:46 pm EDT. (If this description does not accurately describe your Scorpio child, there may be strong modifiers coming from other planets or sensitive points in the Natal chart which can overshadow Scorpio characteristics.)

Scorpio (October 23 – November 22)

Don’t talk to me

Scorpio symbolizes the process of transformation. It deals with life’s ultimate mysteries – sex and death, rebirth and regeneration. Their purpose is to probe the mysteries of going to the limit, falling apart, and rebuilding; destruction and renewal. They can be seen as a crisis magnet. This is normal for them as they evolve through the crisis and must have it in their lives. As a result, they are wonderful crisis managers and are blessed with an unmatched power of unconditional love.

Transformation may seem an odd word to use when describing children, but Scorpio at any age is vitally interested in the transformative process, of which sex and death are two of the most obvious physical manifestations. Even small Scorpios are intensely involved with their inner lives. There is always a lot going on beneath what you perceive on the surface.

Scorpio Sun babies don’t cry easily as they are prone to hide their intense emotions. This child may fix you with a penetrating stare that promises to redress any transgression. Even at a tender age, Scorpions seem to know what you are thinking, and they have been known to intimidate their parents. Try to remember that this is a baby, but don’ assume your child isn’t thinking.

Scorpio is the most complex and misunderstood of all the signs. These children are deeply connected to spirit and unseen forces and can be prone to nightmares and report seeing other beings that you do not. Believe what they tell you as they are deeply connected to that realm. They can experience intense fear around this when young and often need help understanding what they see. Communicate openly with them about their fears and what they see without doubt or ridicule and help them understand their unique gifts which include strong intuition and even psychic ability. Showing respect for their depth and vision creates the trust they deeply desire to share with you. They may exhibit irrational fears over bugs or spiders and other things that make you shake your head!

I have found it helpful to allow my Scorpio grandchildren to rip things up. I often provide safe scissors, old magazines and a garbage can, so they can cut and rip the pages and throw them away. Also building blocks and Lagos are helpful where they can build and then destroy. Young Scorpio boys particularly enjoy crashing cars. Computer games where they can easily crash the cars into walls is often more enjoyable for them than running the races!

Scorpios posses great intensity and strong feelings yet are very sensitive and easily hurt. Special attention and love needs to be given to this child to overcome the tendency to go it alone. Luckily Scorpio is slow to anger and unless there is repeated torment is unlikely to use that famous sting. Still, it is well to be aware that Scorpio’s feelings do not fade away quickly. When deeply hurt, they may carry the wound for a lifetime with a strong urge to get even. For this reason, Scorpio is cautious when making friends and will prefer a few long-time buddies to the crowd.

School may be difficult at first, especially if there is any teasing or a sense of being different. Ridicule is emotionally disastrous to Scorpio children and for them, silence is better than ridicule. And when they demand that you don’t look at them, don’t. This is the signal that your child needs private time to regroup. Young Scorpio is likely to develop a defense system early as protection from emotional injury. They are prone to hide their darker interests and to keep lots of secrets. As a teen, Scorpio needs to be given positive channels for the expression of negative energies, or trouble could result. The caliber of friends should also be overseen by parents, for Scorpions can be attracted to bad company.

Instead of coming at a Scorpio head on when choices and discipline are needed, give them the ability to choose so they feel that consequences and situations are their idea and this will help alleviate the inevitable power struggles. Scorpios are all about having power and developing more of it as they mature and will often manipulate to maintain it. Manipulation is a strong characteristic and you will see it very early on.. As a parent you would be wise to allow your little Scorpio to win at something everyday so they feel a sense of their power. Pick your battles wisely as they are strong and fiercely determined.

Rather than being misunderstood, young Scorpio will suffer mostly alone, and every effort should be made to draw them out with gentleness at an early age. The intensity of their feelings should never be underestimated. Brooding and moodiness are normal, especially in the teen years, but care should be taken that brooding does not turn out to be depression. Any tendency toward vindictiveness should be recognized and curbed early by openness and honesty in all dealings. To enlist yourself as an ally is to gain Scorpio’s fierce loyalty!

Scorpios make wonderful counselors and detectives as they enjoy finding the answers to human nature and putting the pieces to the intricate human puzzle together. Don’t be surprised if your Scorpio is fascinated with the darker side of human nature and want to explore it. They are comfortable with the light and dark. They don’t fear death, but seem to be fascinated with it as well and will often choose a profession that deals with death and dying.

Scorpios are most comfortable in environments where their intensity doesn’t bother others, and their feelings are respected even if not understood. They need to feel that they are allowed to have their emotions. They have a suspicious nature and need time to trust situations and others. They need the space to communicate verbally when they are ready to speak, without being forced.

Your Virgo Child

by on Thursday, August 15th, 2019

The planets in a birth chart represent the human needs and urges we all experience. Our Sun sign, and those of our children, represents the fundamental sense of self, as separate and distinct from others. Like the planets in our solar system all revolve around the Sun, it is where all the various parts of ourselves come together and form our identity. When we are taking care of our Suns’ needs we feel a sense of wholeness, like we know who we are. The Sun has ties to all five areas of health because without it, we run out of vitality and energy even to continue the process of living. By knowing your child’s chart, you can see how best to teach them health in all areas in their life. Let’s look at a practical breakdown of the ways a Virgo child sees the world and how best to help them.

Virgo birthdays began August 23rd at 3:38 am PDT. (If this description does not accurately describe your Virgo child, there may be strong modifiers coming from other planets or sensitive points in the Natal chart which can overshadow Virgo characteristics.)

VIRGO (August 22 – September 22)

Virgo – Lining up the blocks

Virgo babies seem like every mother’s dream of the perfect infant – they make little fuss as long as they are kept warm and dry and are fed regularly. They respond best in well-ordered surroundings and like to be kept on a regular schedule, especially with bathing. Little Virgos really like to be clean and tidy and when they reach the toddler stage they will amaze you with their eagerness to wash their hands, and take baths.

They can become upset when their hands or clothes are dirty and you might find them changing clothes often. They can also be fussy about their food and are not too happy about experimentation. They may not like it when one food touches another on their plate or if food appears slimy or strange. If a bug or fly touches their food, it could ruin the entire plate! Remember, these are subconscious drives for them, they are not doing it to intentionally annoy you. They are genuinely unnerved by these things. Your thoughtful responses can make the difference in their self-esteem.

In their quest for perfection, self-criticism is a major problem with this child, and parental criticism only makes things worse. They come into the world already feeling they aren’t good enough, so think twice before you disparage, for the Virgo youngster will take your words to heart and self-esteem will plummet. Virgo children feel loved when you let them help you.

They are also very affectionate and need to be touched. They will always feel reassured with big hugs or being ensconced in your arms for a story or just cuddle time.

Your Virgo child will quickly begin to help around the house, doing even boring chores, cheerfully and well. Great with detail, if given a shopping list, Virgo will make sure that every item bought matches the list exactly. Virgo’s have a lot of mental power, an ability to concentrate totally, and a retentive memory, often photographic. Rarely do you have to repeat an instruction for it to be carried out to the letter. If Virgos do not understand something, they will ask logical questions in a calm and quiet way.

These children are very good at taking care of others. They are happy when they can help another person. Nothing makes them happier than to take care of sick people and animals. Make sure they do not serve others to such an extent they give up their own needs. They will then become martyrs with their need to get approval and attention for helping others.

Often super-concerned about health, Virgo worries about sickness, sometimes to the point of hypochondria. Being taught the rules of good health and gently nursed when sick will ease this problem. Virgo also needs to know that health routines will be scrupulously followed and will insist they be performed in the right order. Being allowed to do personal hygienic tasks in a regular order helps give Virgo a sense of security where their health is concerned.

If you need details, ask a Virgo. Great at organizing anything, from their toys to the silverware on the table. No detail is missed. They can be compulsive and extreme in their behavior, however. You can often see very neat and tidy Virgos on one end of the scale and slobs on the other end. But even the slobs have organized some part of their lives. They love to alphabetize their books and toys and have slots and cubbies for their important objects. They tend to organize only those things that are important to them however, and leave the rest a mess.

My Virgo daughter, as a child, loved pens, pencils, markers, stickers, tablets and paper and had little boxes and cubbies for each, often with locks on them. These children prefer coloring in the lines perfectly rather than using their imagination and creating their own art. They often become excellent mathmatitions and accountants as they enjoy the structure and putting things in order.

When my Virgo Grandson was about 5 years old, I would sit outside with him and make roads with pennies I had saved in a huge jar. We also made parking garages so he could neatly park his matchbox cars. If a part of the penny road or garage would become crooked, he would stop to line up the pennies in a more perfect order. This is very typical play for a Virgo child. They love blocks and anything they can order.

Virgos can be great writers and communicators if they are not too shy or afraid. They will move forward on a project only if they feel they can succeed. If they are doubtful, they will drag their feet and maybe never get started. Quality of workmanship and technique are paramount as they are the perfectionists of the Zodiac. Being satisfied with the knowledge that the job has been done well, Virgo will work long and hard to meet its own high standards. Once it has done so, criticism from others is irrelevant.

Virgo’s motto, “Anything worth doing is worth doing well.” Consequently, Virgo’s work is far more careful and craftsmanlike than most. The downside of this quality is that Virgo may become disheartened when it fails to live up to its own high standards and gives up in dismay. Timely encouragement from you can turn the tide by showing Virgo that someone cares, for rarely does Virgo ask openly for help, preferring to struggle through and work out a problem without bothering others.

Excellent critical faculties (their ability to instantly see a flaw) make Virgo very hard on itself and on others as well. Self-critical in the quest for perfection, it can criticize others faults and be nit-picky too easily. This can cause problems in relationships. Virgo needs to learn that others don’t necessarily appreciate having their flaws pointed out.

Ego-building is difficult for Virgos, so mastering a skill is an excellent tool for self-appreciation. Already good at self-criticism and analysis, what Virgo actually needs is to be effective in the real world and to feel accepted and appreciated.

Though Virgo has high aesthetic standards, there must be a use for its work – art for art’s sake doesn’t interest this practical Sign, which always looks toward that which serves a purpose. Totally serious, Virgo aims at what will be effective, not what will be fun. They need to learn that “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” or Jill a dull girl. Play that serves a learning purpose works well.

Your Leo Child

by on Friday, July 20th, 2018

When your little one is born, time seems to stand still. You child’s birth chart is a snapshot of the heavens, forever frozen at that time, reflecting the gifts and challenges of your childs life and its many cycles. This knowledge is an invaluable tool to assist in understanding the unique nature of each person young or old. As a parent, it would also be helpful to find out about your own chart and discover your strengths and weaknesses in parenting. Knowledge equals empowerment.

Leo birthdays begin July 22 at 05:50 am PDT. (If this description does not accurately describe your Leo child, there may be strong modifiers coming from other planets or sensitive points in the Natal chart which can overshadow Leo characteristics.)

LEO (July 22 – August 22)

Performing Leo

Leo, ruled by the Sun, represents the heart of life, where the creative life force emanates. It concerns children and pleasures and all that can bring drama, praise, creativity and fun. Leos see themselves as the center of the Universe.

Right from the start these dynamic babies grab attention. They seem to glow warmth and charisma. They will light up with your constant praise, attention and affection. They will, however, become accustomed to it and may throw a tantrum when they don’t get the continual strokes they need. Sometimes it is difficult to remember that these attention seeking cubs are doing it naturally. These are unconscious drives and this is how they see their world, as the center of your universe. Anything that comes in between you and your little Leo will seem to them, like a threat.

I have often witnessed a Leo toddler sitting on his mother’s lap and as the mother tries to have a conversation with another adult, the little Leo head slowly moves in between the mother and friend so they are unable to see each other! Very comical and very predictable. The phrase for the Leo child is, “1,2,3, all eyes on me!” A good way to deal with it is to laugh and help them learn what is appropriate, that they need to share the stage, and then praise them when they do it!

Their intense and unconscious drive for attention can be irritating to some who don’t enjoy playing the applause game. Leos require praise and it is the name of the game to get along with them or they wither and sulk. The Leo life theme is “I Create” even if it is initially drama! Many actors have strong Leo personalities. Once they have achieved center stage however, they become warm, generous and loyal. Like the pridely lion, they are very connected to their circle of devoted fans, friends and family.

Leos love to direct and be in charge, be it playmate, sibling or parent. It can be enjoyable being lead by a Leo, as they are fun and have great ideas. They love children and will want to baby-sit when they get older. What better way for them to be a young leader. They love to act and role play. Sun in Leo children have a natural desire to express themselves, and they will benefit from you being genuinely interested in their creative way of sharing who they are. Withholding attention from them out of fear of them becoming to ego centered can create more challenging behaviors. They may feel that they never got enough attention and go overboard with drama to get what they need.

Leos possess a natural self-confidence and carry themselves with largess and charisma. They are also natural leaders with a love of sports and animals. Even though they are high-spirited, energetic, strong-willed and something of a show-off, you can expect honesty, love and devotion if you can maintain an atmosphere of praise and recognition. Remember, an injured Lion is a dangerous beast and they hate to be wrong or wronged.. Make certain when reprimanded they come out with their Pride in tact!

They do best, as a fixed sign, if they think that what they must do is their own idea. This requires some parental staging. If criticized or harshly told what to do, they will become defensive, attack and never listen. They must protect their strong egos at all times. To help a Leo with changing his behavior, start with honest praise and compliments. Then you can explain about appropriate behaviors and what must be changed or encourage them to do certain tasks.

During the school years, Leo will naturally be a show-off, seeking all the attention they can get, often for the sheer joy of acting. They attract many friends easily and don’t like to be alone, needing an audience. They enjoy competitive sports and often want to win because they feel they deserve it, instead of actually doing the hard work necessary to win. They really want to wear the crown, so bad sportsmanship can become a challenge. If winning becomes too difficult and they don’t feel they can win, they will often quit and move on to a sport or activity where they can excel. Try to encourage your Leo cub to stay the course, do the hard work and then praise them for their dedication and achievements.

If denied the praise the desperately need, they withdraw and wither and may act out in negative ways to get your attention and feel loved. Remember, never withhold praise from your Leo for punishment. You will get a more productive outcome if you first praise and then reprimand. Adoration will always return a smile to a sulky Leo cub.

Your Sagittarius Child

by on Sunday, December 3rd, 2017

A Sag and her horse

Having an understanding of your child’s astrological characteristics, puts you miles ahead when raising your children. You are better equipped to guide them along the lines that will assist them in becoming what they were naturally born to become and who they innately are, rather than forcing the growing human spirit into a preconceived pattern of development. Below you will find the basics, in general terms, of a Sagittarius Sun personality.

Sagittarius birthdays begin November 21st at 1:23 pm PST, and 4:23 pm EST. (If this description does not accurately describe your Sagittarius child, there may be strong modifiers coming from other planets or sensitive points in the Natal chart which can overshadow Sagittarius Sun characteristics.)

Sagittarius (November 21 – December 21)

SAGITTARIUS Sun babies respond well to new experiences and are nearly always full of spirit and enthusiasm. They are ruled by the magnanimous and magnificent planet Jupiter and are happy-go-lucky and full of optimism with a drive to play and have fun. Physical activity benefits them and early attempts at walking are common. This super-energetic child needs the outdoors, physical freedom, and lots of fresh air. They are usually thin with a high metabolism and often have blonde or sandy red hair and freckles.

Eager to learn about everything, school is just another venue for exploration where curious Sagittarius Sun is likely to be popular and make friends easily. These children are full of questions and desire to learn all there is to know about the world. Young Sagittarius won’t mind hitting the books, but there needs to be ample time for sports and play as well as study. Innately logical, Sagittarius learns easily. They are able to switch from subject to subject with ease as their curiosity is never ending.

Don’t expect to pin a Sagittarius down for any length of time however, as they need to feel free to move around.. Sagittarius dislikes being confined in any way, in tight spaces or even tight clothing. Commitment does not come easily. They can learn all they desire quickly and often want to broaden their learning in a different area. They enjoy and appreciate older people for wisdom and help in answering profound and difficult questions.

Outgoing and impulsive, Sagittarius can have an abrupt temper, but it burns out quickly leaving no residue of resentment. Exercise is usually the cure for what ails them. Neither shy nor timid, young Sagittarians will tell you what they think, often bluntly. Honesty is their first policy unless cornered and then they can be quick to fabricate.

Freedom-loving Sagittarians are willing to take responsibility to earn that freedom. They have an insatiable drive to learn and explore and they want the freedom to do it. So they aren’t driven to have a stable home and seem to feel just as comfortable with a back pack on a couch or a hostel in a foreign land. This type makes an excellent exchange student and can quickly master foreign languages.

Naturally lucky, Sagittarius may get into some scrapes but these are likely to be minor. Relations with the opposite sex are likely to be platonic, for Sagittarius values friendship and freedom over commitment and emotional bonds. They are the ultimate Peter Pans and would rather play than work and accept responsibility.

They make wonderful and natural teachers and professors and with their drive to learn are often what is described as professional students. These types are also the humanitarians of the Zodiac. They aggressively care for the underdog be it a human or animal. And they are passionate about it! Their philosophy is fairness and you will often find them leading the charge for animal and human rights

Sagittarians tend toward sloppiness as they are more concerned with the big picture of their day and not concerned with the details. So don’t expect they will put things in their place. Their minds work so fast that when they are through with a chore they are already mentally in the next place or on their next job and often forget where they put things, like keys and tools and homework! Drawers remain open, clothes lay on the floor and nothing is in its place. This is typical. They don’t do it on purpose. I have experienced a Sagittarius move so rapidly from one thing to another that the dish he was carrying was let go of in mid air as he turned away to start another task! Objects can be quickly damaged and broken, glasses knocked over and contents spilled in an instant, but never on purpose.

Sagittarians are lovers and defenders of the earth and enjoy hiking, bike riding, camping and being outside in the beauties of nature with a strong affinity for horses. You might find outdoorsie Sagittarius as your area park ranger.


Your Taurus Child

by on Thursday, April 20th, 2017

Your child’s birth chart is a snapshot of the heavens reflecting the gifts and challenges of your child’s life and its many cycles. This knowledge is an invaluable tool to assist in understanding the unique nature of each person young or old. As a parent, it would also be helpful to find out about your own chart and discover your strengths and weaknesses in parenting. Knowledge is power.

Taurus birthdays began April 19th at 2:27 pm PDT, and 5:27 pm EDT. (If this description does not accurately describe your Taurus child, there may be strong modifiers coming from other planets or sensitive points in the Natal chart which can overshadow Taurus characteristics.)

Taurus (April 19 – May 20)

Taurus babies, like the bull, are slow and may not show much activity in the beginning.

Taurus – Loves what Money can buy

They don’t like change and disruption or anything sudden. Provide them with a feeling of security and lots of comfort with soft and cuddly blankets and toys with many textures and colors. They become very attached to their comforts and pleasures and will become upset and frustrated when they are changed. Move them slowly and reassuringly. Keep their necks warm and covered especially when it is cold as they are ruled by the throat and when over tired or upset they can easily get a swore throat.

Little Taurus might early on have a pleasant speaking and singing voice which should be encouraged. They could talk early and will often use words to get their way. Your Taurus baby will have great stamina and persistence which can turn into stubbornness. They are patient and steady until they become angry and then watch out as they will charge like the little bull. Work at solving their issues before it reaches their threshold.

Taurus is a fixed sign and even an older Taurus child will resent being rushed or having plans and routines changed. This can seem like stubbornness, however, they naturally resist change. This is not something they do to cause trouble for you. Be patient and after a time of adjustment they will come around.

Taurus is deeply connected to the physical world with reliance on the physical senses and the accumulation of possessions and wealth.. The physical senses and beauty are so very important to these practical Bulls. They enjoy looking beautiful and being surrounded by lovely things as long as they are quality and will stand the test of time.

The receptive nature of Taurus is like the Earth, which receives the seeds, nurtures them with patience and causes them to grow. Taurus patience again may seem stubborn, but it is actually self-confidence, and surety, knowing that maturation takes time and their approach will pay off. They have the ability to see and feel when things are not balanced and can easily figure out the details necessary to restore harmony. Taurus loves to control and manage and often become managers in the workplace.

Taurus children are natural peacemakers and nurturers and enjoy mothering, often mothering you. You will find them keeping the peace and soothing their siblings or even adults with a hug or a treat. They don’t mind sharing things but can be possessive. Overeating can be a problem too as it is a sensuous pleasure. Taurus, like the bull calmly munching grass in the pasture, isn’t inclined to racing around and expending lots of energy so over weight can also be an issue. A board game is much more inducing than competitive sports. If they do choose a sport, they are not sprinters, but in for the long haul. At times they are hard to move so will require parental prodding. Your prodding may also be necessary to push them into social interaction with their peers. They don’t have difficulty interacting however, but they are not especially social either.

In school, your Taurus child will work carefully and slowly, with strong attention to details, and will not tire easily. Whatever task is before them, tenacious Taurus will finish it. They are naturally creative and  artisticallytalented and are especially good at crafts and things they can make with their hands.  Taurus boys often like working with wood and may enjoy becoming a contractor and working in the building industry.  The girls enjoy sewing, knitting and crochet, mosaics, cooking and gardening.  Both boys and girls have a natural affinity for color and like to color and draw. It would be helpful if they were exposed to all types of  creative mediums and then allowed to decide what they like best. They like to be creating something all the time.

Taurus children need lots of touching and are very affectionate. When deprived of physical touch they truly suffer. If they have become angry, the best way to restore their usual harmonious and even-tempered personality is quite simple, offer sincere affection and a tasty treat and the Taurus Sun will shine again.

Your Pisces Child

by on Tuesday, February 21st, 2017

Our Sun sign, and those of our children, represents the fundamental sense of self, as separate and distinct from others.

Pisces Fantasy – Super hero

Like the planets in our solar system all revolve around the Sun, it is where all the various parts of ourselves come together and form our identity. By knowing your child’s chart, you can see how best to teach them healthy patterns and behaviors in all areas in their life. Let’s look at a practical breakdown of the ways a Pisces child sees the world and how best to help them.

This is the ninth article in my series on Children’s Astrology for Better Way Mom’s on Conscious Parenting. Pisces birthdays begin February 18th at 3:32 am PST. (If this description does not accurately describe your Pisces child, there may be strong modifiers coming from other planets or sensitive points in the Natal chart which can overshadow Pisces characteristics).

Pisces (February 18 – March 20)

Pisces symbolizes that which is most ephemeral in human nature, the desire to unite with the infinite cosmic consciousness. It represents the urge toward self-sacrifice to a Higher Cause and the soul’s struggle with the imperfections of the world. Its image of two fish swimming in opposite directions suggest the dichotomy embodied in the mix of the material and spiritual realms.

Pisces sun babies are born flower children who want life to be beautiful, serene, loving and peaceful. Loud noises and angry faces terrify them. This is a highly sensitive baby who needs lots of love and affection from the moment of birth. After the safety and warmth of the watery womb, Pisces finds life to be a shock and needs time to adjust.

Pisces Sun will bond to Mother and hate to be apart from this island of security in a scary world. Tears of anguish may arise when safety is threatened. Boys are no exception. Parents need early to instill a sense of security in their Pisces Sun child. Pisces is a psychic sponge and picks up all sorts of feelings and information, but may have trouble sorting it all out. As a result, they often don’t know the difference between their own feelings and what they are picking up from other people and other realms. They will pick up on parental moods easily so it is important to keep tabs on your emotional energy and not bring negativity into their space as they will quickly identify with the pain around them.

Emotional immaturity may be a problem when time for school comes, and Pisces Sun may fare best if not pushed out to preschool but kept at home until development occurs. Never tease this child for being “babyish,” for you will only exacerbate the situation and get more tears and clinging. Gradually acclimate Pisces to experiences of separation to provide a sense of security from fear of abandonment.

Don’t worry about “spoiling” Pisces or “giving in” to childish fears. Possessing a remarkable ability to understand the feelings of others, a secure Pisces is a delight, loving and sensitive, eager to help. Take care not to trample Piscean sensibilities. Their compassionate nature reaches out to everything that lives and, hating to see any life form hurt, will mount rescue operations, even to the point of saving bugs and flowers. Many a Pisces child has brought home a wilted plant and nursed it back to health.

Shy and retiring, Pisces may have trouble making friends, preferring to retreat into a private (and safe) world of fantasy. This is their refuge from the outside world. Although it is important to teach them the difference between fantasy and reality, it is equally vital not to trample on the delicate inner world of this super sensitive being. Out of this inner sanctum often comes great artistic ability, scientific creation, and beautiful music. Pisces is one of the most intelligent and creative signs of the zodiac and produced an Albert Einstein. Nurture this deep and creative imagination.

Spirituality is often uppermost in Pisces’s thoughts. They want answers to mega questions about where God is and why there is so much suffering in the world. Drawn to the concept of martyrdom, Pisces may become a victim of misplaced desire to serve a higher purpose and sacrifice themselves for it. They need to learn that their needs are as important as others and that there should be a limit on helpfulness so that it does not reach the point of self-denial, resentment, or victimization.

These nocturnal creatures, have a different inner clock than most signs. They love the night and can accomplish much in those hours.   But, morning does not come easily and it may take a good hour or two for them to become fully awake. Their natural rhythm is to go to bed late and wake up late. School mornings may be difficult.

Tears come easily to Pisces, even the boys, who should definitely not be teased about sensitivity. They should be encouraged to make appropriate friends, but not coerced into playing with rough children or to enter into rough sports. They may be shy, and if invited into their private and protected world, go gently. If subjected to to much violence and harshness their natural inclination is to escape the pain which, as they get older, often leads to drug abuse to cover it up. Teach them early about the pitfalls of addiction.

Pisces children can safely channel their compassionate energies into caring for a pet or occasionally visiting an older relative. But caution should be used as they can be easily manipulated into caring for others beyond their strength and years.

There is an otherworldly quality to Pisces. They may be absolutely angelic, with a wispy sweet manner and faces that are the essence of innocence and purity. They are fascinated by their feet and love to dance and caper about nimbly like wood elves.