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Book – Words of Love for Men – Secret Formulas for Mastering Intimate Relationships

by on Friday, February 5th, 2010

Some of the adjectives used by readers to describe the book are: Powerful, life changing, great keys to success and rapid results!

I  started writing this book in May of 1995.  At this time I was experiencing a dimension of love far exceeding our 3rd dimensional reality.  While taking a class in A Course in Miracles, I dramatically shifted and began to see the world through new and unveiled eyes.  A few weeks later, the brutal stabbing of one of my daughters abruptly knocked me out of this higher consciousness. The information and poetry for the book came during the shift and propelled me into writing. I lamented at the time how unfortunate it was to be describing the ideal relationship and be without.  On October 5, I logged onto an internet forum for research.  Mark happened to be surfing the forum that day and the rest is history.

Our relationship became a laboratory for experimenting with the formulas in the book.  Mark was invaluable in the writing process, clarifying the formulas and text, and adding key elements of his own. Mark and I enjoy combining our talents, producing a synergy that creates a more talented “third person.”

Available for purchase at www.WordsofLove.net