Politics, Integrity and 2012

by Wendy on February 8th, 2010

After serving several years as an elected legislator for the State of Idaho, I have become keenly aware of the need for integrity to surround the legislative process for true progress to take place. One comes into contact with a variety of personality types in politics. There are the great Statesman variety like an Abraham Lincoln who have an agenda

Abraham Lincoln - My Hero

of true service to humanity, and the self-serving kind whose ego and its strokes are their priority. And unfortunately, there are those worse still who are guilty of demagoguery and narcissism who use politics as a means to collect power under the guise of public service. This is a leader who intentionally misleads the people.  A politician who foments discontent in the world and among the voters, promising all sorts of rewards if the people will help him gain power, though he actually plans to use this political power to further his fortune and personal agenda.  We have seen examples of these types in our country more notably in recent years due to an increase in press coverage.


There have been many leaders throughout recorded history who could easily fall into the demagogue category.  It is an amazing phenomenon that people so quickly fall for their cunning traps and become supporters.  Not too long ago the world witnessed the regimes of Hitler and Mussolini and many others in a variety of countries since, where countless lives have been destroyed by gullible followers who did not question. Not all demagogues are guilty of the same degree of evil as those mentioned above, however many are guilty of the same type of agenda only to a lesser degree; trying to take over a small country rather than attempting to take over the world. The results are the same as many may die and cities, families and peace are destroyed.


Throughout time, however, man has struggled with the classic battle for good and evil. The media is replete with examples of this age old struggle from Star Wars to Lord of the Rings.  It is curious to witness the contempt of the younger observers today as human rights violations in foreign countries become public, as if these were first time atrocities. The youth of today have not had to witness the horrors or the sacrifices for freedom that our parents

Gandalf - Stay Vigilant

did in the 30’s and 40’s.   And often it requires atrocities in close proximity for the intensity of emotion to fuel a rebellion. The possibility of rebellion may not be far away.

The question is, as we dwell in the energy of 2012  — a time prophesied by many cultures to be the end times — is humanity becoming anymore humane and conscious as a whole? Are the changes we are experiencing leading up to a mass shift in consciousness here and abroad? Are the breakdowns we are witnessing on a global scale opening the doors for this shift?  The consensus of many modern day visionaries suggest that 2012 will be the spiritual shift we have been waiting for, propelling the world into an enlightened era of peace and prosperity.


There could well be a growing polarization leading up to the shift, however.  There are still many who refuse to look forward and dwell in the traditions of the past with the belief that the old continues to be the best for this new generation.  The younger generation, when allowed to form their own opinions, thinking for themselves, easily see through the old structures that continue to hold humanity back. Making informed choices has never been more critical. Ushering in this enlightened age will require leaders of a statesman like integrity.

When making choices about which leaders you will support in the future,  follow your intuition and instincts. Learn to trust yourself.  Don’t be one of the sheep who follow blindly. Pull away from the roar of the crowd and think for yourself. Look for consistency and integrity.  Stay away from those who delight in name calling and character defamation.  A statesman is one who is not afraid to make public his agenda, will sacrifice himself for the betterment of the whole, and will accept responsibility for any mistakes made. The political demagogue will attempt to hide his true motives at all costs and through trickery and manipulation turn public attention elsewhere.

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