Wendy Cicchetti's Commentary


by Wendy on February 24th, 2010

If you want inspiration, insight, and integrity based on Spiritual Principles, the wise and wonderful Wendy Cicchetti fills the bill. She entwines them in almost miraculous ways in her speaking engagements and in her book. Her first Power Talk at our Center in 2009 was so well received, we have invited her back twice more by popular demand. She is both witty and wise. She is both insightful and imaginative. She leaves you feeling great about yourself, in a state of thoughtfulness, and wanting to hear more. We love her!

Rev. Diana Swenson
Crossroads New Thought Spiritual Center
Carlsbad, California

Dear Wendy,

I first found your link on your daughter’s page as I was/am inspired by her work. It was a time of chaos and uncertainty in my life. When I first heard your voice on the phone, I was immediately taken with your warmth and sincerity. Your reading was one that spoke of so many truths and although some aspects of it were difficult to accept, I recognized, with your gentle nudging, that it was things I needed to address in order to open to greater things. I was indeed ‘stuck’ in limited thinking, negative thinking and self pity. I wanted more from life; I wanted purpose and I wanted joy. I am doing the work, and it becomes a life passion because the richness you discover in opening to greater wisdom is forever rewarding.

What is so beautiful about finding your path and your purpose is that your heart starts to open and sing; it’s a song that vibrates to the very core of your being. There is a joy in my life that I haven’t known in so many years, and there is so much more to come. My heart is wide open now and instead of anxiety of the future, I am excited. I am excited for today. With your wisdom, you have introduced me to areas of interest and let me choose to discover them in my time and depth. Much like the chick breaking open it’s own shell in it’s own time…

When you took me under your motherly wing to provide clarity and guidance, you gently pushed me out of the nest to let me find my own wings, but like the loving mother you are….you never closed the door. In times of uncertainty, I need only to read your astrological readings in the newsletter you send out, or scan through articles you post on your Facebook to become grounded in my path again. In these times of change, your wisdom, clarity and love have been pivitol in moving me to a greater life. I will continue to get readings as they have been a priceless tool in my transition.

Thank you so much for coming into my life, and for being the bright beautiful light that you are.

Much love,

Sherri Smith
Ontario, Canada

Dearest Wendy,

Thank you so much for your guidance, advice and for sharing your remarkable gift. Your consults are much more than ‘readings’ they are ‘teachings’. You always provide great insight and clarity into some challenging phases of my life, leaving me with a clearer view. Your readings help me to move past some issues that inhibit my spiritual growth and instead inspire me to live my life from a place of empowerment. I am so truly happy you are in my life.

Love, hugs, and smiles,

Susan Weinstein
West Stockbridge, MA

Thank you, Wendy, for being my mentor and role model during an important time of awakening and transition in my life. You have been a tremendous source of knowledge and inspiration for me. I value and respect your wisdom and counsel. I admire your spiritual strength, nurturing personality, and impeccable moral character. You possess great clarity, perspective, compassion, and integrity in the information you disseminate. Your guidance and teachings have propelled me to greater spiritual heights.

In gratitude,
Lauren Nalder
Kirkland, WA

Since becoming a parent, I have felt enormous pressure to “get it right” and to really be there for my kids. And my conversations with Wendy about my children and who they are as individuals have been incredibly valuable to me. She knew my children inside and out after studying their charts, and she’s never met them! I’ve already started using her insights about my children and their specific personalities. Wendy suggested different ways to speak to my kids, based on how they, as individuals, are able to hear advice and guidance. The results have been amazing already.

In addition there have been times I have called Wendy during difficult personal times or when I’ve been faced with career choices. I’ve found her information and her ability to get right to the heart of the matter very useful.  She explains the situation in such a way that I walk away form the conversation with a clear head and a new understanding of what’s in front of me.

I would tell anyone I know, especially parents, that having a consultation with Wendy is something they should invest in. It’s like having an instruction manual for each one of your children, and one for your own life. Heaven knows we’ve all wanted something like that! Wendy provides it. And she provides it with a firm, caring and kind hand.

Sarah Walton
Tenfly, New Jersey

Dear Wendy,

I am grateful that our paths have crossed. In these past years of many life changes, you have guided me in a way I thought never possible. I respect your depth of knowledge and appreciate your continuous encouragement. You’ve taught me how to celebrate the peaks of life and how to make the best of the valleys in the most positive ways. When having trouble finding answers I know that I can trust you to help me find them. Thank you for enlightening my life.


Dana Marie
Los Angeles, CA

Wendy has done readings for both of our daughters, Jordan 3 1/2 years old, and Jada 5 months old. It has been such incredible help to have an understanding of their personalities (very different from one another), and how to handle certain situations! We loved the readings so much that we decided instead of giving baby presents, we will give the parents of the newborn, a reading from Wendy.

Kari Crockett
Park City, UT