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Your Cancer Child

by Wendy on June 19th, 2021

Children’s Astrology is not just for parents of small children. It is useful for parenting older children as well. Guiding your child never ends, it simply changes. Understanding your child’s natal chart, at any age, can allow you to support them in the best possible way, according to their individual needs, and can even open the door to a deeper relationship and healing with older children. The most essential gift we can give a child is to provide them with understanding, resources, nurturing, and a solid foundation. Your child’s birth chart can provide you with the knowledge and understanding for one of the most challenging and important jobs of your life.

Cancer birthdays begin June 20th at 9:24 pm PDT. (If this description does not accurately describe your Cancer child, there may be strong modifiers coming from other planets or sensitive points in the Natal chart which overshadow Cancer characteristics.)

CANCER (June 20 – July 21)

Round Cancer baby

Cancer symbolizes the emotional of all human existence. This is the sign of nurturance, family, home, roots, tradition, the mother, the joy of caring for others, and the sheer tenacity of the life force. These yummy children usually have bright round faces with very knowing eyes even as infants. When young, their bodies tend to be more round, soft and fleshy. As they get older, they can become tall and lean. If negatively aspected they can become overweight. Cancer energy in general is intelligent, intuitive, imaginative and highly sensitive. From birth, they continuously monitor their environment for the feeling tone. They will always know what “vibes” are up.

Because baby Cancer is so sensitive to their environment, you will need to be very aware of their surroundings from day one. Loud noises and abrupt actions will frighten them easily. It is wise to provide them with a protective environment that is quiet and secure. If you are emotionally imbalanced, your little crab will pick up on it and cry in sheer empathy. These infants are like an emotional sponge and will soak up whatever feelings are in the air and can become overwhelmed by it all. Taking on the emotions of those around them is a continual problem for these children. Mood swings can be swift and severe even when the feelings originate with someone else. Emotional security is primary for their well being and without it they may draw into themselves and revert to childish behavior.

A secure Cancer is happy, loving and giving. An insecure Cancer is clingy, demanding, and holds onto past hurts when love is perceived to be in short supply. They can easily get lost in the ocean of emotion and lack objectivity; logic must be learned. Encourage your Cancer to express their feelings as they are known to be very private. Hug them often for they love to be held. This will help alleviate clingy, needy behavior and keep them from turning to emotional substitutes for love, like food, causing weight gain.

The peace and security of the home is absolutely vital to Cancers. As they get older, they often have their own special spot or private room. They actually prefer to be at home and will usually develop a keen interest in their heritage, culture, and homeland and will expect you to be as interested as they are. They can become handy and have the ability to fix anything around the home, and they love to save everything. You can always spot one of these children, for they are the ones that have the secret stash of candy, food and money.

They can become hoarders. Hoarding is not bad if one is hoarding money. Many of the wealthiest people on the planet are Cancers. It is more than just the desire to hoard money that makes them successful. They usually posses a high degree of intelligence which should be encouraged.

Cancer children can be very crabby and demanding if they feel insecure. Your emotional support is critical. They are naturally very generous and loving unless there is a shortage of love for them at which time they will revert into their shell and, when upset, they will usually respond with stomach aches.

Cancer is associated with the stomach and breasts where nutrition for life is the theme. Sooth them with bland foods, aloe vera juice, or milk products to ease the tension in their tummies. It can seem like they are making it all up as they can become overly dramatic. However, these feelings are very real to them.

Many male Cancers have a difficult time with their maternal and nurturing side which is what Cancer represents. They may become overly aggressive or competitive to compensate. You will often see older male Cancers with leather jackets and motorcycles acting tough to protect their very soft and sensitive underbelly. Encouraging them as children to share feelings, and that it is OK to be sensitive and intuitive, will help them adjust more easily. When well adjusted, Cancer males easily become wonderful fathers and care givers.

Cancers are nocturnal by nature and may not wake up easily in the mornings. Humor and laughter can definitely help. Leaving the home for school is often quite traumatic for Cancers. The crabbiness in the mornings coupled with needing reassurance that you and the home will still be there when they return, can create difficult mornings for Mom. It is often helpful if they can take a familiar object with them until the have adjusted and know everything is safe and secure. Never ridicule them for their attachments as it is a part of their unconscious makeup. It is best not to push them into school too early. They seem to do better staying with Mom for a longer period of time than for other children. They are highly creative and intelligent and when their emotional needs are met, they can excel in whatever they put their passion toward.

These are the nurturers of the zodiac. They will bring home all the stray children and pets in the neighborhood. Not only do they care about the underdogs in the world, they are very loyal and will protect family members at all costs.

Because home and family is so importance to your Cancer child, you will find them clinging to your leg when you want to get some away time. Some Cancers will cling to mom and their home way after it is appropriate, tending to be sentimental and moody. Providing lots of loving family time and activities will keep your little Cancer very happy and emotionally fulfilled.

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