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Your Sagittarius Child

by Wendy on December 3rd, 2017

A Sag and her horse

Having an understanding of your child’s astrological characteristics, puts you miles ahead when raising your children. You are better equipped to guide them along the lines that will assist them in becoming what they were naturally born to become and who they innately are, rather than forcing the growing human spirit into a preconceived pattern of development. Below you will find the basics, in general terms, of a Sagittarius Sun personality.

Sagittarius birthdays begin November 21st at 1:23 pm PST, and 4:23 pm EST. (If this description does not accurately describe your Sagittarius child, there may be strong modifiers coming from other planets or sensitive points in the Natal chart which can overshadow Sagittarius Sun characteristics.)

Sagittarius (November 21 – December 21)

SAGITTARIUS Sun babies respond well to new experiences and are nearly always full of spirit and enthusiasm. They are ruled by the magnanimous and magnificent planet Jupiter and are happy-go-lucky and full of optimism with a drive to play and have fun. Physical activity benefits them and early attempts at walking are common. This super-energetic child needs the outdoors, physical freedom, and lots of fresh air. They are usually thin with a high metabolism and often have blonde or sandy red hair and freckles.

Eager to learn about everything, school is just another venue for exploration where curious Sagittarius Sun is likely to be popular and make friends easily. These children are full of questions and desire to learn all there is to know about the world. Young Sagittarius won’t mind hitting the books, but there needs to be ample time for sports and play as well as study. Innately logical, Sagittarius learns easily. They are able to switch from subject to subject with ease as their curiosity is never ending.

Don’t expect to pin a Sagittarius down for any length of time however, as they need to feel free to move around.. Sagittarius dislikes being confined in any way, in tight spaces or even tight clothing. Commitment does not come easily. They can learn all they desire quickly and often want to broaden their learning in a different area. They enjoy and appreciate older people for wisdom and help in answering profound and difficult questions.

Outgoing and impulsive, Sagittarius can have an abrupt temper, but it burns out quickly leaving no residue of resentment. Exercise is usually the cure for what ails them. Neither shy nor timid, young Sagittarians will tell you what they think, often bluntly. Honesty is their first policy unless cornered and then they can be quick to fabricate.

Freedom-loving Sagittarians are willing to take responsibility to earn that freedom. They have an insatiable drive to learn and explore and they want the freedom to do it. So they aren’t driven to have a stable home and seem to feel just as comfortable with a back pack on a couch or a hostel in a foreign land. This type makes an excellent exchange student and can quickly master foreign languages.

Naturally lucky, Sagittarius may get into some scrapes but these are likely to be minor. Relations with the opposite sex are likely to be platonic, for Sagittarius values friendship and freedom over commitment and emotional bonds. They are the ultimate Peter Pans and would rather play than work and accept responsibility.

They make wonderful and natural teachers and professors and with their drive to learn are often what is described as professional students. These types are also the humanitarians of the Zodiac. They aggressively care for the underdog be it a human or animal. And they are passionate about it! Their philosophy is fairness and you will often find them leading the charge for animal and human rights

Sagittarians tend toward sloppiness as they are more concerned with the big picture of their day and not concerned with the details. So don’t expect they will put things in their place. Their minds work so fast that when they are through with a chore they are already mentally in the next place or on their next job and often forget where they put things, like keys and tools and homework! Drawers remain open, clothes lay on the floor and nothing is in its place. This is typical. They don’t do it on purpose. I have experienced a Sagittarius move so rapidly from one thing to another that the dish he was carrying was let go of in mid air as he turned away to start another task! Objects can be quickly damaged and broken, glasses knocked over and contents spilled in an instant, but never on purpose.

Sagittarians are lovers and defenders of the earth and enjoy hiking, bike riding, camping and being outside in the beauties of nature with a strong affinity for horses. You might find outdoorsie Sagittarius as your area park ranger.


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