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Your Scorpio Child

by Wendy on October 17th, 2019

The worst pain a mother can feel is the feeling of somehow failing as a mother. Until I began to study Astrology, I felt like I had failed with a few of my seven children and I suffered deeply over this. When I studied my children’s Natal charts and saw the intense challenges some of them brought with them, it relieved the pain as I realized it would not have mattered who their parents were, they were in for a challenging life. If you are the parent of a Scorpio, it is very helpful to know that their path is more complex then the other signs and you will need to develop new parental strategies which will lead to more joyful and rewarding experiences. Knowledge is power.

Scorpio birthdays begin October 22nd at 04:46 pm PDT, and 7:46 pm EDT. (If this description does not accurately describe your Scorpio child, there may be strong modifiers coming from other planets or sensitive points in the Natal chart which can overshadow Scorpio characteristics.)

Scorpio (October 23 – November 22)

Don’t talk to me

Scorpio symbolizes the process of transformation. It deals with life’s ultimate mysteries – sex and death, rebirth and regeneration. Their purpose is to probe the mysteries of going to the limit, falling apart, and rebuilding; destruction and renewal. They can be seen as a crisis magnet. This is normal for them as they evolve through the crisis and must have it in their lives. As a result, they are wonderful crisis managers and are blessed with an unmatched power of unconditional love.

Transformation may seem an odd word to use when describing children, but Scorpio at any age is vitally interested in the transformative process, of which sex and death are two of the most obvious physical manifestations. Even small Scorpios are intensely involved with their inner lives. There is always a lot going on beneath what you perceive on the surface.

Scorpio Sun babies don’t cry easily as they are prone to hide their intense emotions. This child may fix you with a penetrating stare that promises to redress any transgression. Even at a tender age, Scorpions seem to know what you are thinking, and they have been known to intimidate their parents. Try to remember that this is a baby, but don’ assume your child isn’t thinking.

Scorpio is the most complex and misunderstood of all the signs. These children are deeply connected to spirit and unseen forces and can be prone to nightmares and report seeing other beings that you do not. Believe what they tell you as they are deeply connected to that realm. They can experience intense fear around this when young and often need help understanding what they see. Communicate openly with them about their fears and what they see without doubt or ridicule and help them understand their unique gifts which include strong intuition and even psychic ability. Showing respect for their depth and vision creates the trust they deeply desire to share with you. They may exhibit irrational fears over bugs or spiders and other things that make you shake your head!

I have found it helpful to allow my Scorpio grandchildren to rip things up. I often provide safe scissors, old magazines and a garbage can, so they can cut and rip the pages and throw them away. Also building blocks and Lagos are helpful where they can build and then destroy. Young Scorpio boys particularly enjoy crashing cars. Computer games where they can easily crash the cars into walls is often more enjoyable for them than running the races!

Scorpios posses great intensity and strong feelings yet are very sensitive and easily hurt. Special attention and love needs to be given to this child to overcome the tendency to go it alone. Luckily Scorpio is slow to anger and unless there is repeated torment is unlikely to use that famous sting. Still, it is well to be aware that Scorpio’s feelings do not fade away quickly. When deeply hurt, they may carry the wound for a lifetime with a strong urge to get even. For this reason, Scorpio is cautious when making friends and will prefer a few long-time buddies to the crowd.

School may be difficult at first, especially if there is any teasing or a sense of being different. Ridicule is emotionally disastrous to Scorpio children and for them, silence is better than ridicule. And when they demand that you don’t look at them, don’t. This is the signal that your child needs private time to regroup. Young Scorpio is likely to develop a defense system early as protection from emotional injury. They are prone to hide their darker interests and to keep lots of secrets. As a teen, Scorpio needs to be given positive channels for the expression of negative energies, or trouble could result. The caliber of friends should also be overseen by parents, for Scorpions can be attracted to bad company.

Instead of coming at a Scorpio head on when choices and discipline are needed, give them the ability to choose so they feel that consequences and situations are their idea and this will help alleviate the inevitable power struggles. Scorpios are all about having power and developing more of it as they mature and will often manipulate to maintain it. Manipulation is a strong characteristic and you will see it very early on.. As a parent you would be wise to allow your little Scorpio to win at something everyday so they feel a sense of their power. Pick your battles wisely as they are strong and fiercely determined.

Rather than being misunderstood, young Scorpio will suffer mostly alone, and every effort should be made to draw them out with gentleness at an early age. The intensity of their feelings should never be underestimated. Brooding and moodiness are normal, especially in the teen years, but care should be taken that brooding does not turn out to be depression. Any tendency toward vindictiveness should be recognized and curbed early by openness and honesty in all dealings. To enlist yourself as an ally is to gain Scorpio’s fierce loyalty!

Scorpios make wonderful counselors and detectives as they enjoy finding the answers to human nature and putting the pieces to the intricate human puzzle together. Don’t be surprised if your Scorpio is fascinated with the darker side of human nature and want to explore it. They are comfortable with the light and dark. They don’t fear death, but seem to be fascinated with it as well and will often choose a profession that deals with death and dying.

Scorpios are most comfortable in environments where their intensity doesn’t bother others, and their feelings are respected even if not understood. They need to feel that they are allowed to have their emotions. They have a suspicious nature and need time to trust situations and others. They need the space to communicate verbally when they are ready to speak, without being forced.

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